21 Things Every Girl In Her 20s NEEDS

21 Things Every Girl In Her 20s NEEDS
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  1. Erynn Laufeyson says

    Does anyone know where one can find a good supportive sports bra bordering on chest binder for someone whose breasts are way bigger than their waist size?

  2. Maryam - Master of Movement says

    I doubt anyone will see this comment since this video is 5 years old, but i put this video in my playlist when I was about 15 and now I'm 20 and wow am I slacking….

  3. Chelsea Crisostomo says

    19 and adulting. Tbh, it scares me but at the same time exploring things and knowing that I can do it on my own is actually fun and fullfiling.

    Pals and gals, we can do this. ❤

  4. Lista Sun says

    I miss 2013

  5. Talvi Luna says

    ugh people dont take this so seriously this comment section is cancer

  6. Arianna P says

    Who's in the double digits? I have 13 out of 21! Could be better I suppose but for somebody that doesn't want to be adulting….. I'll take it

  7. This is Linda says

    24 years old. 7 out of 21. I'd say not bad self high-five

  8. TsukiNaito1 says

    Ptttf. I have very few of these.

  9. Carlie Muñoz says

    I am a failure 🙁

  10. The Canobie says

    why am i a guy and watching this? idk but i can tell that literally all of these things arent exclusive to women except for a gyno

  11. joshua buchanan says

    girl in their 20s don't need any of these these vid makes me cringe😞

  12. HaloNeko says

    Sitting here like I've never watched the notebook and my favorite movie is DEADPOOL!

  13. Alicia García Fernández says

    0:24 Extreme cliché warning. I highly doubt most people do this when they are having an emotional crisis, I have never seen anyone do this at least, and even if someone does it, it's probably only to imitate Hollywood movies. Anyway, it'd be more logical to have some chocolate instead of ice-cream…

  14. Flower Roo says

    No one needs to have this some people don't like working out and some don't like to hang out with family and friends some people don't want to drive like me and some people I know !😑😒👎So this is what you think we need but it doesn't go for everyone!

  15. unicorncat HQ says

    Besides the gynecologist one, this could be for any gender in their 20s, not just girls. 😐

  16. The Arab says

    21 life lessons for dummies in short cut..

  17. Tenesha Caesar says

    22. Wine. Lots and lots of wine

  18. PhoenixRising87 says

    Most of these are legit (although I can't really see how people find Ryan Gosling attractive; I just think he's really odd-looking, but to each her own, I guess). I'm not into swimming or dancing personally, but overall physical activity is important.

  19. StarrClaws says

    This is pretty much a list of things every human being needs in the 21st Century, not just women.
    …Though, not everyone needs a sports bra.

  20. nicole steinke says

    So women should have all of this, when men should have- proper attire, underwear, a car, tools and towels?I wonder why women feel so pressured.

  21. Brandon Norris says

    A license? Cuz buzzfeed hates reducing your carbon footprint

  22. Brandon Norris says

    I'm so glad as a man I don't need these things. Throwing away my sports bras

  23. praw blade says

    am 20 this is kinda right

  24. Facts Over Emotions says

    #1. Youporn
    #2. Lotion
    #3. Video games
    #4. Food.
    #5. Money for all of the above.

  25. Morgan Baily says

    am i the only one who thinks ryan gossiling is really ugly

  26. casaulenbo says

    When I clicked on this video, I thought to myself: "Great, I evidently need someone to tell me what I should and should not have in my 20s." These are great advice but I think I am old enough to figure it out. Don't you, BuzzFeed?

  27. Sohana says

    for a sec, i thought Audrey Tautou worked at buzzfeed since we usually see its employees on videos

  28. Mithra Vinda says

    I need Zac Efron!

  29. Lucy Fields says

    "How about we slap on a picture of Barack Obama to convey the fact that we are liberal feminists who will murder you if you disagree with us?"

  30. What kinda emergency do you need ice cream for?

  31. Talia Boroson says

    When I turn twenty the only things I want are: a supportive and well paying job, a man that's not a slob, and a house that I can keep clean because I have the money (hopefully).

  32. Buttery Cupcakes says

    I'm shocked that I've achieved most of these! O.O I thought I was gonna be like "Oh, here we go, something else I don't have!", But no, I have nearly everything on the list in check. No one has to be sad over it though and I never understood why people get sad over these kinds of videos, specially one like this because these are such easy things to achieve anyway, the main things you need is a job and a licenses or car. 🙂 I got a job right when I hit 18, so maybe that's why I got most what I want and more early. But if I can do it, someone who really doesn't have much choices in life then anyone else can do so much more – I know this is long but I just wanted to give some inspiration. <3 I have 19/21 btw.

  33. Saluma Taeyeon ExoShidae says

    I have 15 out of 21 and I'm 18(turning 19) So I think I'm doing pretty good 🙂

  34. Nat says

    I don't want to be 20 anymore

  35. J-Pocket says

    why are these so much more demanding that the guys'?

  36. cloudismine20 says

    half of this is absolute bullshit

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