$23 Vs. $4250 Holiday Party Outfit

$23 Vs. $4250 Holiday Party Outfit
It’s the holiday season, and that means…parties! But is it worth spending $$$ on an outfit, or can you go super cheap and still look like the sparkly disco ball of …

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  1. Leigh Davis says

    jazzs red jumpsuit looked amazing on her! Also loved ninas black sequin dress and chloes green suit.

  2. Mairin O says

    I am around the same height and size as Jazz and I am surprised she went for a jumpsuit. I have never tried on one that was long enough in the torso to work.

  3. D R says

    Jeffrey dahmer pedo glasses are NOT cool.

  4. creonice barbosa says

    I liked the cheap outfits better

  5. Mahasweta Das says

    jazzmynr looled a fox ….a sexy one in.that red jumpsuit….thats why its costs so much….its more about detailing

  6. ibtesam rehman says

    Why do i like the cheap one better than the expensive one 😂😂😂😂

  7. Mahasweta Das says

    but why cant they stop shopping? fashion wastes are already.too much

  8. green girl says

    please get the girl that only wears black off this show lmao

  9. JordansAWolf says

    Jazz’s looked way too summer-like for a holiday party tbh. The top looks like a swimsuit

  10. Chelsea Tarquini says

    Can there be a way to do this (bc I love this series) without all the fast fashion? Plssss

  11. Sonya sweet says

    Jazz was not here for it. I don't blame her.

  12. shiloh weddle says

    Stop👏🏼 perpetuating 👏🏼fast 👏🏼 fashion👏🏼

  13. Richard K. says

    Those expensive outfits looked nowhere near what they cost. The red "cape" suit was really nice just needed a smaller size.

  14. snark says

    I want Jazz as my stylist 🥺 she's always choice 👌

  15. Kelsey Williams says

    Love Jazz's hair 😍

  16. Georgia Anderson says

    Jazz changing her hair to suit her clothes or the season is EVERYTHING!!!

  17. Melissa Cara says

    This is the first time I hated all the expensive outfits. I thought the cheaper suit for Chloe was cute, but I didn't like either of the other cheap looks.

  18. Lia Zabala says

    Jasmine where did you buy that red leather dress? I want one!!!

  19. Taylor Doan says

    I really never like the stylist outfits

  20. T R says

    why are you so intent on wasting money? why dont you send yourselves somewhere to help people who cant afford to be wasteful? shame on you all

  21. Abbey Painter says


  22. jwigley13 says

    Straight up garbage that those little "purses" or clutch nonsense is either as expensive or more than the dresses….like no

  23. MisfitFox says

    I don't really like the stylists picks in this. I liked the cheaper options sans the jumpsuit.

  24. C S says

    these outfits dont say holiday or party to me. the suit looks bad, and jazz's jumpsuit looks like something you could wear in the summer.

  25. Lordvarden2 says


    This has to be the best comment in the history of comments

  26. Rosemarie Grace says

    "The way my boobs lay". 😑bro. Wear a freakin good fitting bra and stop freeboobing

  27. Rosemarie Grace says

    Jazz needs her own video. Do her right for once geez!!!!

  28. Katherine Moore says

    " i want good quality, cute, flattering, and sparkly holiday-party-worthy dress"
    "but for less than $25"
    *third world sweat shop workers crying in distance"

  29. rosencain says

    The expensive were to be versions of the cheap.
    They didn't match the cheap very well.

    Disco Wednesday Addams vs chainmail
    See through shiny vs solid sausage casing
    odd cape vs very plain jacket swallowing her whole

    I prefer the cheap ones for all 3. Just a few touches and they could all work.

  30. Sue Morpeth - Yerega says

    All three cheap ones were better. There was no tie.

  31. lushiousification says

    I think Nina’s black sparkly dress was more flattering than the silver expensive one

  32. Gautam Dhar says

    Don’t bring that stylist again

  33. Barbara Muro says

    This is the first close up look I've had of Nina's ring and it's beautiful!! Hope she'll give us some wedding videos

  34. Dilynne S. says

    The ONLY outfit that looked good one was Chloe's first outfit. Her second outfit would have looked nice if is would have actually fit her. This Stylist sucks.

  35. Apparently Rood says

    For unique capes similar to the construction of chloes, go check out AKOMFASHIONS on Instagram and Depop!

  36. Dilynne S. says

    In every single video like this everyone in the comments is ALWAYS disappointed in Jazz's stylist outfit. And semi disappointed in the other girls stylist outfits. 🤷‍♀️

  37. Grace Lorey says

    petition to make them the new ladylike

  38. Apparently Rood says

    I haven't been invited to a party in 4 months😔😑.

  39. Kami Lupin says

    Nina expensive outfit looked like something my middle school teacher mom would wear to work…. not saying it looks bad it just doesn’t look like a party outfit to me

  40. alanadarling says

    It seems like they didnt even try to find similar pieces in the luxury category

  41. G Cruz says

    Gilding turds.

  42. L.R. Red says

    Both chloe's outfits were cute to me…

  43. Emily Duff says

    All of the stylist looks were very underwhelming

  44. Alli McLellan says

    Petition for Jazz to start her own clothing line, where she would make personality-driven looks for plus size everyone and bless us with her style

  45. Bethany Fairman says

    Chloes suit jacket was way too oversized
    I preferred both chloe and ninas cheap looks

  46. Jacqueline White says

    Only Jazz had the better expensive outfit. The other ladies picked out cheaper outfits that were much nicer.

  47. Sarah Doody says

    I just want an entire video series of Jazzy styling other people and herself. She does such a good job, I want her to style me! ❤️❤️❤️ love you Jazzy

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