3-Course Shrimp Scampi Dinner

3-Course Shrimp Scampi Dinner
Customize & buy the Tasty Cookbook here: http://bzfd.it/2fpfeu5 Here is what you’ll need! 3-Course Shrimp Scampi Dinner Bacon-Wrapped Green Bean Bundles …

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  1. Crimson B Retrograde says

    What a romantic meal. Got pregnant just watching this.

  2. Fluminox5284 - says

    I feel bamboozled by the amount they're each getting

  3. Sss channel S says

    Pls subcribe my channel

  4. WindowsEffects 2020 HD says


  5. Yank Boss says

    Shrimp is my favorite food

  6. Katy Kipling says

    Made this last night, we doubled the butter though since we used angel hair pasta and didn’t want it to be too dry. It turned out perfect, the only other thing I would recommend to someone making this, is to slightly cook your beans before your wrap them in bacon. Ours were a little on the crunchy side, but it was still delicious!

  7. Wifey Ally says

    The green beans wrapped in bacon threw me off

  8. Pete McD67 says

    No wine or chicken broth in the shrimp scampi to make a sauce? Holy shit… what a bunch of hipster fucktards.

  9. Cheryl Henninger says

    If you did this with chicken instead of shrimp, how much chicken?

  10. karan dang says

    i tried this today, it was soooo gooodddd

  11. nethanbabes says

    Shrimp scampi is not shrimp scampi without white winr

  12. April starr says

    i hate people who wrap everything in bacon

  13. mel the doge says

    that looks so good yasss

  14. Daniel Modarres says

    2hank 3hiro


    why would someone wrap a bacon around a vegetable.. weird combination

  16. Mona Teasley says

    Am I the only one that would just have the strawberries without the chocolate? Both are great, but together they make my mouth feel like Space Jam.

  17. Rinari mar says


  18. Afiya says

    I love the dessert!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. oh hai mark says

    that tbh is not enough food

  20. 123458888888888888888 says

    for some reason the sauce garnishing part always makes me want to throw up

  21. 1:18 I don't really like cum on my strawberries, but okay.

  22. Liz Cho says

    Can you put all the course meals in a different playlist???

  23. GiGixx621625 says

    the linguine looks dry af

  24. Saphira Tamaki says

    I Wonder what the strawberries will taste like, if you fill them with sweet Mascarpone with some lemon cests and if you dunk them into white chocolate with a bit of black as deco

  25. S says

    Am I the only one who wanted to see the inside of the strawberry? lol

  26. garfields fetus says

    When Tasty makes it: Delicious, juicy, seasoned to perfection (eh not really) and wonderful.

    When I make it:

    lol u thought I cook?

  27. C4 Show says

    lol This is the truth and i love it!

  28. Marcel Styles says

    I'm making this for dinner tonight

  29. Sweeddie Williams says

    Can you do this menu but switch it up with chicken

  30. Hasna’s Cooking says

    Did anyone noticed that they just skipped garlic 👀

  31. TheJonas973 says

    You guys should totally keep doing 3-course videos. But might want to save some pasta water to add into the scampi

  32. Making that right now😋

  33. Jada spearman says

    The 1st one was not shrimp lol

  34. Carrorolen says

    You really shouldn't promote the use of scampi, considering how they're produced… :/

  35. Melanin Fujoshi says

    I wanted to see the strawberry get bitten. 🙁

  36. acousticchef says

    I like the music and the food. Anyone know the artist?

  37. Teresa Tahtinen says

    This recipe is the best! Waiting to prepare the strawberries.

  38. Milk Tae says

    I always watch tasty videos whenever I'm eating😹

  39. GRFLD says

    all I waiting is Oh Yes sound at the end

  40. Hayuhi says

    nice ideas 🙂

  41. J. Rovey says

    you've inspired me that even i, a husband, can cook for my wife. i really like your dinner for two videos, you should make a playlist and more videos on that subject!

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