3 Different Hairstyles For Different Hats! Super Quick & Easy

3 Different Hairstyles For Different Hats! Super Quick & Easy.

NEW Hairstyles are here! as requested I hope you guys enjoy it and if you want more hairstyle tutorials please give it a thumps up!

 3 #Different #Hairstyles For #Different #Hats #Super #Quick & #Easy
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  1. nak won says

    Wow so pretty & beautiful lovee youu

  2. Caren says

    m a g i c

  3. daixni says

    i love it so much I'm going to try it c: is it possible if you can do a make up tutorial based on this video ? love you 😀

  4. Violet Vo says

    Where did you get that shirt from? looks beautiful!

  5. KeyGainer Xand says

    Oh Yeah….Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My girlfriend will love this.

  6. aninha says

    I love you ! you is perfect ! 

  7. Hoi Tran says

    Can you do a video about your makeup brushes? And how to part your hair (like you have)?

    Again, your videos are amazing. Loooove!

  8. ❀Laura says

    I loved all of these looks! The hats are super cute, reminds me that I need to get more hats ahahahha.

  9. TheMrsStepgirl says

    and now…all I need is to buy the same hats, hair, and generally be you!
    awesome tutorial)

  10. Noon Wararaksapong says

    So cute 🙂

  11. msgigiyu says

    Sichen, if you have time please do a room tour video ! Also since fall is right around the corner, maybe you can do some style or lookbook videos as I love your styling and outfits !!! 😀 Support you as always xx

  12. ireneyu729 says

    These hairstyle are simple and easy to do but looks really so cute! Definitely will try them out as it is hat season now haha XD support:)

  13. karmieboo says

    what's the song you were dancing to in the beginning? love your taste in music <3

  14. plantingpoppies says

    So cute! Definitely going to try them out 🙂

  15. Laurayt89 says

    I love it!! You are very creative!!

  16. Joyce Yeung says

    So pretty! Would you like to film a room tour? That will be nice!

  17. Mayela G says

    I really loved the last look! You look so cute and beautiful <3.

  18. taeple tae says

    Brilliant 🙂 Love your video xd

  19. Amanda Blake says

    I always love your videos! they are so helpful! Also, would you mind me asking what program you use to edit your videos? They always look so pretty and cute! (sorry, you probably get that question a lot)

  20. xoexo xo says

    If you dont mind me asking, what editing program do u use?

  21. TakiyahC says

    Super cute! I've been wanting to purchase some hats, but i can't seem to find any that goes with the frame of my face.

  22. dewy delight says

    I love your videos! Please do more makeup tutorials 🙂

  23. youm0415 says

    You so pretty♥
    I Love your video

  24. Joana Marie says

    Since my hair is so short, the curling thingy is the only thing that I can do. Eonnie you look really nice with a hat. Pls, do a room tour Eonnie! 🙂 ♥

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