3 Easy Hairstyles || Tutorial

3 Easy Hairstyles || Tutorial
Another hair tutorial video, hope you enjoy these three quick and easy hair styles! -Roxi Links: Instagram: http://instagram.com/luciferoxi/ Tumblr: …

Source Roxxsaurus
  1. Bella's World says


  2. XxSAMxX Heyy says

    The bow hairstyle is perfect for JoJo Siwa😂

  3. rines delmonte says

    i miss your hair

  4. Mariasita says


  5. sushiesalmon 20 says

    Love that ribbon one❤️❤️

  6. Urtė J. says

    You're looked sooooo cute with hairstyle #2!You can be a model!

  7. Joyce Satuito says

    i really like all your hairstyle,it was so inspiring😆

  8. meyyin barbecue says

    Anyone watching it in 2017?

  9. Kitty Burgess says

    I like the 3rd one

  10. احمد البلوشي says


  11. Anahy Portillo says

    your like literally on my private playlist your amazing ♡♡♡

  12. Bec Lawson says

    I want your hair colour it's goals love ur personality +roxxsaurus

  13. lolo mimi says


  14. Tamara Soto says

    your hair is sooo beautifull!!!!!

  15. Nikki Neave says

    Omg I love the bow

  16. DanielleMelius says

  17. Sheren Khaled says

    love it😍😍😍

  18. Katherine Miller says

    Would u mind uploading video abt ur hair treatment or fav shampoos u r using? Obviously, i got significant hair loss and now i only hav one third of my normal volume. 😭

  19. Lenyach Leny says

    love the rings
    where can i get them?
    anf also u are fit would love to know your secret

  20. Bagel Lover123 says

    omg you're soooooooooooooooo beautiful <3

  21. AWB 13 says

    You make all of these look so easy! If i tried i would probably fail 😂💕

  22. XChillcat X says

    You are a life saver!

  23. Gwen Hennecke says

    you are so pertty*_* i would die for ur hair!!

  24. marieke Janse says

    +Roxxsaurus i love your nose piercing

  25. luvsmiles13 says

    can you do a video on how you part your hair and what you do with your hair after you get out of the shower

  26. ciukat grande says

    Omg na prawdę jesteś Polką? Jestem w szoku haha, jesteś śliczna, już ci to pisałam, ale postanowiłam jeszcze raz po polskuno bo WOW 😀

  27. mollymolloyz says

    Found a copy of this video uploaded somewhere else.. someone's nicking your vids 😲

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