3 Hairstyles For Short Hair! Easy & Heatless

3 Hairstyles For Short Hair! Easy & Heatless.

I’m back with another hair tutorial !! It’s super easy and heatless Perfect for any occasions 😀 and if you want more tutorial please give this video a thumbs up so I …

3 Hairstyles For Short Hair! Easy & Heatless. 3 #Hairstyles For #Short #Hair! #Easy & #Heatless
Source sichenmakeupholic
  1. Autmn Sunsets says

    I wish I could pull off the two little buns. I look so awkward with it 😭

  2. sandriuxx says


  3. Seema Limbu says

    I have a medium short hair so plz suggest me the good one

  4. Micah Ellah Segui says

    Can't wait for the next awesome tutorial~♡

  5. nak won says

    Wow cutee love you

  6. Annegeylay Leocadio says

    She looks SNSD sooyoung😍
    For me😂

  7. Natalia Grazerstein says

    Wait is hair real hair blond?

  8. Humaira Naz says


  9. ann precious lee says

    you look amazing and pretty..can you do hairstyle suggestion for curly hairs?

  10. Pinkynhoney says

    For the first hairstyle sichen looks adorable just with pigtails

  11. abdulRhmn adel says

    This is so cute , please make more for short hair it will be good!

  12. Camille Umpad says

    that moment when I have short hair but my hair is frizzy af

  13. Ella Francisco says

    The shape of your face is compatible with any hair length I just can't. You're so beautiful T^T

  14. Irenerity says

    You look like a mixture of IU and Taeyeon. Crazy beautiful. xx

  15. Samx .l says

    Can u do heatless waves for school??

  16. Sylvia Tan says

    what contacts are you wearing 😍

  17. danielle says

    Take a shot every time she says bobby pin😂

  18. Osnat Gerzon says

    Beautiful! Your hair is amazing and I love so much that it's short! (I have a middle haircut too! 🙂 Amazing ☺

  19. Rena Pham says

    Hey. Where is the hair tutorial video for 4:23 at? I can't seem to find it! :c

  20. Yin Wang says

    Love your contact lenses! Where are they from? c:

  21. Julia González says

    YOUR SKIN <3 Do you do something for a pale skin?

  22. sugarmilk28 says

    Were can I watch the hair tutorial from 4:27 :0??

  23. Momo Mo says

    Is the video for 4.23 up?

  24. LettersToNowhere99 says

    More hair tutorials please 😀 your bangs are always on point <3 Maybe a hair care routine vid?

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