3-Ingredient Creme Brulee

3-Ingredient Creme Brulee
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  1. Konari the bat :P says

    I just tried this with peach ice cream and it's pretty good!

  2. Ron Swanson says

    All I have is a box of matches. Wish me luck

  3. Tara Lion says

    I made this and it actually worked! It was soo tasty!

  4. Ghosted Spirit says

    wait a minute if the little cup thing is small it should technically be baked for 22.5 minutes because its half of the amount of the regular cup thing.

  5. Ben G. says

    All these people complaining about not having a torch while the stoners who dab daily are laughing at your demise

  6. M00F says

    I tried this so many times but I forgot I didn’t have a blow torch

  7. JJ The Cuber says


  8. chevy says

    How u do that?

  9. senor senpai says

    well technically the hot water makes it four ingridients

  10. jänku sass says

    Someone tell me of you want just the creme and no burning on the top than does it still have to chill?

  11. Sunjana Kaur says

    If you don’t have a blow torch take a spoon and heat it up on a stove instead

  12. Deadlicious says

    I made this. I used 1/2 cup melted ice cream for 1 egg yolk. It was perfect 🙂

  13. WindowsEffects 2020 HD says


  14. Arisha Ahmed says

    Yesssss chocolate

  15. Farheen Khan says

    I’ve made it this way a bunch of times. It works! It’s just a bit time consuming. 3/4 cup of melted ice cream is how much I use for 1 yolk. Works every time.

  16. ihazcupcake says

    who's here after HelloxRyan's video? me? okay……………..

  17. Lemonsso says

    I was just thinking, could you use something other than ice cream?

  18. //Sisi// says

    Creme Bruce lee

    I’m sorry

  19. R M says

    Very cool with the new system and the kids in this article are permitted to r

  20. That's so yammmmmyyyy i make it ,is wonderful i am from Moroccoooo HH , if you can help me subscribe to my chaîne plssss thank u

  21. Alpha Dragon Queen says


  22. Lemonsso says


    What’s the tool/ baking material to make it turn into that colour and crisp?

    (….. I explain stuff horribly)

  23. Joe Jasat says

    Makes sense I guess, creme brûlée is just custard, so is ice cream…

  24. Alice Xu says

    Does it even taste good?

  25. Mabel Liu says

    I thought the chocolate one just got burned real bad.

  26. Eunice says

    Pretty easy

  27. Maya Gallegos says


  28. Nhật Long Le says

    Water seems to be the fourth ingredient….

  29. KaoZ Ace says

    What do you do after you put in the sugar? Does it just magically boil up like that? That’s dope af

  30. Luna Moon says

    Well um Ice cream is already made up of stuff

  31. Huda Khan says

    Why chill 3 hours? Too long to wait

  32. Qued 710 says

    Is there broccoli flavored creme brulee?

  33. EL 835 says

    Crème Brûlée…mmm

  34. Sad Sauce says

    When you finally have all the ingredients to the recipe

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