3 Meals, 1 Snack, $10 (Tasty's 7-Day Make-Ahead Meal Plan)

3 Meals, 1 Snack, $10 (Tasty's 7-Day Make-Ahead Meal Plan)
https://www.buzzfeed.com/jesseszewczyk/tasty-make-ahead-meal-plan-prep-day?utm_term=.pxvMw52np#.gcrx2g1yQ Shop the Tasty kitchenware collection …

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  1. blondgalahad says

    a smoothie is not a meal

  2. minkakemi says

    I'm sorry but ten dollars a day in food is a fucking lot

  3. wisegamer says

    Also, for a few dollars extra you can make meals that have bigger portions. Unless your on a diet, I dont know who would want to eat portions as small as these

  4. wisegamer says

    the tacos looked good but why did you add sweet potato to it. Just use some cheap chicken or just leave them out. Dont get me wrong, sweet potatoes are good but they just dont fit for this dish.

  5. Luna Lovegood says

    The people saying that this looks disgusting worry me, like that pasta looks like an average dinner I'd have. People need to realise that pizza and stuff should be treats, not a daily thing.

  6. Vanessa Natalia C says

    Doesn’t look appetising only the dinner looks slightly better, no offence not something I’d normally say to Tasty vids

  7. Alejandra Reitt says

    Cold tacos… ew

  8. Tinta S says


  9. CazMatazz says


  10. Cocinando y más says

    Me encanta

  11. oeue says

    10 dallasz a day for food what is the world coming to?

  12. Happy says

    The meals look delicious and the music has it going on! 👏🏽😃

  13. MrChillaxin2010 says

    The hell is this soundtrack? Splatoon?

  14. Jennifer Rigsby says

    once again, the pricing here is completely off. much too high. ain't y'all ever heard of winco?

  15. irha syed says

    why you and so yummy are so similar

  16. Healthy Recipe Channel says

    Any one that does not know how to cook or is starting out, and follows these recipes, can save a lot of money and eat healthier.

  17. beenz says

    The smoothie looked the most appetizing

  18. Fouad Chahbandar says

    You can make delicious falafel balls with chickpeas, olive oil, parsley, etc. which will cost maybe 7 – 9 dollars, but you can eat it for breakfast lunch, and dinner!

  19. SilkyC says

    What was that instrument they used on that lime? I want it…anyone know where I can get it?

  20. nicole williams says


  21. Ash says

    Could've done it for 5$

  22. Artemis Renegadous says

    I’d rather skip breakfast.

  23. ayemsa 06 says

    Are Tasty and Buzzfeed the same company? See some people on both channels…

  24. Sebastian Langer says

    Isn‘t it 3 snacks and 1 meal?

  25. yummnu says

    I'm Just Going To Stick With My Doritos….

  26. Grace Mathe says

    More like dis please

  27. B uppy says

    The breakfast smoothie would have me hungry two hours later. Same with lunch. How is a person supposed to function at work on that, feeling hungry? I want to do other things come break time than eat, but eat I would have to with this.

  28. Ameed Shantouf says

    The Hammus is best eaten with Olive Oil and Flat Bread (Lebanese Style)
    Lebanon is the Origin of Hammus…

  29. D. E. Bodiford says

    While I respect the imagination used in these recipes, $10 could go further. 8 packs of Ramen, 2 packs of BarS hotdogs, 1 loaf of Great Value bread, 1 bag of Marketplace romaine salad mix, the smallest bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch, and French's Classic Yellow Mustard-14 Oz. I can buy all of this at Wal-Mart for $9.96. That's about 8 meals, possibly more depending on how much one eats in a serving.

  30. TOM7952 says

    These all look bad and the "hummus" isn't even made correctly.

  31. diomont says

    Really like the music👍👍

  32. lunameowl says

    Seems like you'd be hella hungry with only a smoothie two little tacos and some carrots until dinner. It's much better to have a big breakfast so you have some energy like you don't need all the energy after dinner when the day is practically over. Also you probably crave and want to eat much more of the noodles at the end of the day if you eat like this

  33. channy k says

    are americans like addicted to acacados?😂

  34. Geta Tewabech says

    I am 11 years old

  35. Geta Tewabech says

    I am fasting

  36. Catherine Oluwole says

    A smoothie does not count as breakfast

  37. Mashed Potato says

    That hummus is an abomination

  38. mrx wre says

    Nice meals for somebody who has 50kg but for grown man or woman deninitley not enough

  39. thejompi says

    That hummus must be bland as fuck. No tahini, olive oil, garlic, cumin? Tahini is expensive but making your own is cheap.

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