3 Unicorn-Inspired Braids Feat. Lilly Singh

3 Unicorn-Inspired Braids Feat. Lilly Singh
Lilly Singh models 3 BAWSE Unicorn-Inspired braids. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo!

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  1. Olivia Kosel says

    That was so sweet love you Lilly

  2. miss nexus says

    Full of drama. Bulshit

  3. Ginger 104 says

    That lipstick us poppin'!

  4. Fellow Comment Scroller says

    Hold on is it just me or do you spell lily with 2 "L's"😑

  5. Mary Mary says

    She is like Jasmine

  6. WhoKnowsGalaxy says

    I wish my hair was that long. My hair only goes to the bottom of my neck.

  7. ᔕEᖇEᑎᗪIᑭITY says

    My hair is a bit longer than Lily’s. I really want to cute it but I’m just so attached to it lmao. I feel like it I were to cut my hair all my hard work would just go to waste. HELP.

  8. Moureen Marwa says

    Mommy mommy, Rapunzel is real

  9. BrownGirlDreamin’ says

    Okay sooo what shampoo and conditioner do use though??

  10. suga plum says

    Is it just me or does her hair look purple

  11. Terri Detroit Hughes says

    That's Black folks inspired Braiding for real fr!!

  12. Curtis Rhodes says

    Damn the hair!! I just came here to see your pretty face!!💓😘😍

  13. RENGITH B says

    Omg!!!! she is gorgeous!!!!!!

  14. Sydney Martinez says

    I miss my long hair. I finally cut it because I had to have a military bun and it kept getting caught in my car door.

  15. swooned - by - after says

    i have a feeling lilly would look real bawse with short hair

  16. Sasha says

    Does anyone have any tips or reference videos on doing eyeliner the way she does?😮

  17. Jelly Bean says

    Shes adorable

  18. Leah Anna John says

    Who else got reminded of Rapunzel's hairstyle at the end?

  19. Amruta Darshan Joshi says

    Lilly my unicorn, my princess Jasmine

  20. Rinsit Keishing says

    "My hair is just like me… It's all over the place" danm relatable

    "Beauty is having confidence in yourself"…. #TEAMSUPER

  21. Ayeshs Rajput says

    before seen u show ur face with so much conqury ehhh disgusting

  22. Sadia Akter says

    I love lily 🙄😍😍

  23. Iliketurtles says

    looks like a purple turd

  24. Azurite _700 says

    2016: nope
    2018: not yet
    Youtube in 2019: yeah lets put this in his recommended 3 years after this videos been out

  25. Emily lietz says

    My fav was the second one

  26. Nurazianie Abdullah says

    Looks pretty good to me. Very pretty💕

  27. Sara R says

    Plz plz don’t were always red lipstick 💄 and cut ur Hera don’t we’re nose rang just plz try one just ones thank

  28. Cornelia Tomson says

    Okey soooo can anyone tell me where I can find such amount of hair because mine ain't enough to make a braid😛

  29. Baking Miles says

    Dont like non of them

  30. Megan Clark says

    I loved your motivational speech about loving yourself and doing what you feel is beautiful.
    Not going to lie though, I was hoping for a tutorial. 😞

  31. Achsah Sefafe says

    Am I the only one seeing this now?

  32. A lonely potat says

    She looks more like princess jasmine more than princess jasmine does in the 3rd one.

  33. Genessie Ellie says

    0:51 is it just me or does she look a lil bit like Ariana Grande ?

  34. Nupur Jaiswal says

    Which hair spray is that?

  35. Pathfinder red the Good Neocon says

    Cringy Singh should shut up

  36. Maya Mani says

    My mother has long hair and my sister and me
    We love are hair and it’s tough to groom it but we love it and people we would tell us ohh your hair so long
    I feel the same as lily and also personality wise same. Keep on going lily you are awesome

  37. Bombshell says

    1:48 I'm trying to do that hand move and I can't xd

  38. Emmy Gull says

    How to take that tiny monsters (rubber bands) out of hair… Half of hair was lost in that process

  39. Sonam Doima says

    Love awesome #Lilly 😘😘

  40. PC’s Family Food says


  41. Manisha Sen says

    That hair…..❤️

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