30 Second Challenge! 14 Very Fast Life Hacks And Crafts

30 Second Challenge / 14 Very Fast Life Hacks And Crafts
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30 Second Challenge! 14 Very Fast Life Hacks And Crafts
Source Troom Troom
  1. delisha Green says

    That what 123 go did

  2. Patricia Lucas says

    This video is kinda odd cuz, it wouldn’t take 30 seconds to do everything but, yah, it’s only for life hacks, and entertainment purposes! You shouldn’t do the pranks or anything stupid like.. this video I guess.. ok guys and gals, like if you never did these! p.s. I hate your transitions you gotta show it ALL.

  3. Chaya Bagi says

    Makeup in school pranks

  4. Brook Syn says

    Purple concealer…???

  5. Bella W!!!!!!!! says

    I am no expert but I went back nobody forgot there phone.

  6. Harly Neil Capanas says

    Red head win because she's beautiful

  7. kathi latman says

    At this point they should call it 10ways to mess up your hair

  8. Chloe Peskett says

    Purple concealer?? I think they mean colour corrector! LOL

  9. Daelynn Engel says

    Troom troom your not troom troom your my doom doom xdddddddddddddddddd

  10. Elize Joy Peñaflorida says


  11. Julianna Louise Clemente says


  12. Linda Super says

    Oreng hair win

  13. Linda Super says

    i malay

  14. Linda Super says

    Is my photos my mom

  15. Linda Super says

    I m kid

  16. Kaylia Smith says

    Lol😅😊 we.love it😇

  17. •Gãçhâ_ ØwØ• says

    this is click bait i really wanted the hair diy

  18. Meike Vigil-Thompson says

    I’m watching all episodes I’m doing a marathon

  19. samaakarl says

    Fireworks 🎇

  20. angi chron says

    Read head is more beautiful

  21. belen lopez says

    Uds me fhk

  22. Bharathi Tennakoon says

    But who won

  23. Tiyana Wint says

    Who won then .

  24. Feriel Ettoumi says

    They said 30 seconds but it was 11 minutes

  25. Anitra McNeese says

    IDK how to cook pancakes but 8:20 pancakes were burnt

  26. Princess Berlyn says

    Im sure that most of the idea's is more than 30 seconds

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