30-Year-Olds Party At Their Old College

30-Year-Olds Party At Their Old College
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  1. Jon Defina says

    I would be embarrassed to visit my college in 10 years.

  2. Ella Young says

    8 beers in the USA is a quiet night in in Britain

  3. 22Anthony McGuire says

    I may be a little late but Brian looks like Sammy cacciatore from Blue Mountain State

  4. Kulik 1 says
  5. MsMacbarbie12 says


  6. Relentless says

    loved how at every commentary a sleeping man was behind them haha

  7. Nick B. says

    8 cans of champagne is only like, 4 banquets. Pansy.

  8. Hwi Yeo says

    it's been nearly 2 years since this video dropped and i had no idea that this was a thing huh

  9. Matthew Giacomuzzi says

    Looks like a pretty weak party tbh

  10. Katiec6597 says

    What colleges did they go to? I didn’t know dp dough was a chain

  11. Marshy Marsh says

    I am currently in college. I can shotgun a beer in just over a second 😬

  12. L CT says

    What school?!

  13. LJ Davis says

    Took the L against the girl💀

  14. vlKenzo says


  15. Corinne Miller says

    Omg D.P. Dough! Best drunk food ever.

  16. Sidney Jo says

    6:35 you’re welcome

  17. ginyutf2 says

    His go to pArty bro is drinking twisted tea 😂

  18. Audrey Is Human says

    are we all gonna ignore the guy in the red head guys bed as he was doing his recap thing?

  19. Carys Hyland says

    There was someone asleep in the backround

  20. Ethan Rummel says

    I wonder if parties now are not nearly as crazy as back in the 90's/early00's when these guys went to college. Like maybe the attitude is more is 'I've got an essay and want to have a future' than 'I bet I can have more bears than you.'

  21. annabel petty says


  22. vlKenzo says

    The rest of the wold is disowning America for this dismal amount of drinking so I will chime in. At the beginning of the semester we have all the pledges play a game called civil war. About 12-15 guys on a team and each team gets 3 30 racks, 2 handles of everclear, and a quad (3, 2, 1, BOOM). Record is 38 minutes, and no one is conscious an hour after completing it.

  23. T T says

    are they really better things to do in the day? whats better than having fun with friends and new people? or did you mean "better" as in working to support yourself? lol those were the best times

  24. Kathleen George says

    I'm starting to believe every college town has DP dough.

  25. Zach Atkinson says

    When you spot the DP Dough

  26. Spike Isaacs says

    lol keith 6.36

  27. AJ Howard says

    Lemme just record while my wife’s asleep in bed😂💀💀

  28. Krit Joshi says

    Is this old-college humor

  29. maynstagram says

    They should try Flunkyball, honestly 😀

  30. A Certain Anime Index says

    twisted tea??? what a party animal….

  31. TnPGmBH says

    2:03 Steve Hold!

  32. Ripsta says

    I don't get it. They fit right in. Not like they 40 and even then I'd think it'd be fun to be 20 partying with a 40 yr old.

  33. criminallyvulgar says

    A beautiful 27 year old boy lol

  34. katherine santos says

    Brian seems so douche-y. #fuckboy

  35. Abigail Dreyer says

    DP DOUGH!!!

  36. JonTehVIP says

    Can’t wait to transfer to ILSTU XD saw them BBall courts at 0:36 and was all like. Gah Dayum they walking right past Watty and the dominoes.

  37. Darth Masher says


  38. hipnhappenin says

    At first I was like, Ooh. Marc’s got a boo in his bed. …..then I saw the beard.

  39. Allie Chamberlain says

    Watching this video and I thought Brian was the young Quinn in Reign of Fire. Just saying. 🙂

  40. HeyItsMeeTee says

    D.P Dough is prime drunk food!!!

  41. Joshua Nicholls says

    As a senior, Ive never been to a college party. But at least I have an unweighted 4.0 gpa which is nice

  42. Guy Walls says

    He has one really long collar

  43. Austin Marchant says


  44. allie wojnicki says

    This is at Illinois State! He should have daddios!

  45. Alexandrya Ruth says

    i love keith so much

  46. sophieshuman says

    Watterson…..DP Dough…..4 Square……..GO REDBIRDS. Totally know what state school you at😉

  47. Meme Supreme says

    I don’t believe that the second guy EVER hosted a party. No shade.

  48. Kissed By The Anaconda says

    Im from glasgow scotland and only having 8 beers simply means your the one who has to deal with the drug dealers for the team 😉 and Eating is cheating , septar sounds cool tho

  49. Samantha Tibbitts says

    did anyone notice how there was someone sleeping in the bed behind Marc when he was being interviewed?

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