31 Things That Cross Everyone's Mind During Sex

31 Things That Cross Everyone's Mind During Sex
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  1. Rachel Lee says

    What???!!! Did he just say that he doesn't know if the moan is conveying pain or pleasure???? Lolzzx

  2. Prank Nation says

    This iss sooooo freakin funny!

  3. Oanh Nguyen says

  4. Vivien Schema says


  5. ilubmiself says

    "Do they still have the 2 for 5 deal at Mcdonalds?"😂😂

  6. that bitch says

    The moan at the beginning of the video made me pause it, made me put my phone down, and made me silently scream 😂 but seriously, that was way too hot 😖

  7. OrealeXO says

    Was this really 31 thoughts? I feel like it went by too quickly lol.

  8. Unyce Simpson says

    The guy in the beginning is sexy asf😭✊💗

  9. Katie Woo says

    ''did i lock the doors??? i heard something on the news about a guy escaping a prison transfer…i locked them right???''

  10. xXJevicXx says


  11. sunflowerd says

    "Am I moaning just for fun or am I actually enjoying it?"

  12. Suzette Briones says

  13. Khach Khach says

    b. n.

    …unn x,

  14. jam626 says

    lmao spot on.

  15. DirtyBrownieMix says

    "Is she faking it?"

  16. Ivy Keller says

    I lost it at 1:05

  17. SamVikings says

    I've never thought about any of these things in my mind… never!

  18. Kaylee Renaud says

    Yes we do still have the 2 for 5 😂😂

  19. AdBlock says

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  20. Garrett Hoerdt says

    do they still have the 2 for 5 deal at mcdonalds XD OMG I DIED

  21. therequiembellishere says

    Shane is one hot man. And I'd love to be on his other end (especially during 1:02). Mmm

  22. Not Me says

    shane's moaning jfc goodbye

  23. Kratos says

    Well…people actually, don't have ANY of these concerns when they do it with them selves…!!!!

  24. Joseph says

    pets probably don't care tbh

  25. Nepeta Leijon says

    "i wonder if mcdonalds still has the 2 for 5 deal?" lmaoo me

  26. lanadelchey says

    "I have to fart" lmao yup!

  27. Mizz Rose says

    lmao 'i hope i dont pee on u'
    yeah pretty much

  28. Carolina Ortiz says

    Shane si so hot

  29. slightlysarcastic says

    i think we've all worried about the amount of time it takes for us to orgasm

  30. Memes Jr says

    Honestly I'm pretty sure every girl gets turned on by a guy moaning…
    But it really is attractive to hear how much a guy is enjoying it ❤️

  31. Memes Jr says

    When everyone is so focused on the guy moaning in the beginning……

  32. Marilyn Needs to stop says

    "Do I still have the 2 for 5 meal at McDonald's?"😹😹😹😹😹

  33. Crissee and Sabi says

    " do they still have the two for five deal at McDonalds??" LMFAO

  34. Nicole Shearer says


  35. Shelby Y says


  36. Prabjeet Kaur says

    Lol those are one of the things😂😂😂😂

  37. Lisa Butler says


  38. Ryan Yap Cheng Nam says

    oh hello Shane

  39. #silentgangonly says

    lol he said salty

  40. thegreekwogger says

    When you can relate to the fractured penis, happened 3 years ago and do not avoid the doctor if it happens.
    I Did put it off and it is too late

  41. Katie L says

    Guys moaning is my favorite thing in the world. And the guy at the beginning is very attractive sooo I replayed it about 100000000 times😂

  42. Abigahil Gutierrez says

    I can relate haha

  43. Dougie Hamilton says

    Buzzfeeds horny again

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