4 Creamy Dairy-Free Pastas

4 Creamy Dairy-Free Pastas
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  1. Jazmyn Jasinski says

    What’s nutritional yeast

  2. The confused Soul says

    Tried the first one.. wow.. loved itttt…

  3. Selene K. says

    Me: i hate milk and cheese
    Tasty: dairy free!
    Me: oh!
    Tasty: milk and cheese alt.!
    Me:…fell for it again!

  4. yashachatab says

    If cashew is expensive where you live, raise your hand 🖐️

    Still cheaper than macadamia nuts tho..

  5. Ananya Panda says

    Why the fuck do all recipes have nutritional yeast wtf!!!! What do I do 😭😭

  6. Trick Flick says

    I don't see a single reason in the world to stop eating dairy unless you have an allergic reaction to it? Why? Because of the animals? They're just animals ffs. Let them die no one gives a shit. Dairy is super healthy and fucking stupid vegans are gonna come throw stupid and useless arguements at me, but Idc.

  7. missbglam777 says

    I despise the taste of cashews. They taste waxy and offensive! 🤢😩 I'll try subbing these sauces with another nut perhaps… 🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. Angelo Smith says

    This may be odd, but does anyone know the song? My one year old loves it.

  9. Ayman Rayees says

    can i use regular yeast

  10. Sahil Rajput says

    Please make some more veg pasta recipes

  11. m. says

    im on the verge of tears this is all i ever wanted in life

  12. Danielle Rickel says

    i need this

  13. Naujia Godwin says

    Just had dairy Alfredo and it did not go well….😫😫😫

  14. In Dreams says

    where do we buy nutritional yeast?

  15. Cate Jen S says

    What's "nutritional yest"?

  16. atharv shukla says

    Just add Parmesan and it will taste better!!!!!

  17. Agnes Linh says

    Never thought I'd see creamy and dairy-free in the same sentence……. I'M READY

  18. Desiree Ellis says

    That penne pasta one is good AF! Thank you Tasty!

  19. ᄋ ᄋ says

    Doesn’t those pasta noodles contain any dairy in them?

  20. Jennifer Ghee says

    All Look AMAZING. Love the music!!!

  21. Justin M says


  22. Blah Blah says

    For people who can’t have nuts a easy way still vegan pasta is to take a plan vegan hummus like chickpea… and add 3 tablespoons almond milk and 1 tablespoon corn starch to a pan with the hummus let it simmer and stir it a lot then add your pasta it is amazing

  23. meme that brainwashed me says


  24. A Fajardo says

    (This is not a sarcastic question hehe) Where would I find nutritional yeast in the philippines?😁

  25. Benjamin Karlsson says

    How much Vegetable broth should I take with the second recipe? It is not mentioned 🙁

  26. Dandelion Sky says

    But I can’t have gluten OR dairy OR fructose

  27. Elisa Smith says

    all recipes with nuts nothing new also had for allergies

  28. emzitodemob says

    So the solution is to blend the shit out of nuts?

  29. One Punch says

    I’m gonna miss cheese 😭😞 does anyone know any good vegan cheeses?

  30. Littlestraincloud says

    There's egg in those noodles lmao

  31. Joy & Diamonds says

    Omg thank you so much! Recently discovered I'm lactose intolerant and couldn't deal with the fact that I can't eat normal fettuccine alfredo anymore

  32. Samir C. Cat says

    Why do you have to love nutritional yeast just because you eat fairy free pasta?

  33. impeterator says

    Why do I need to drain the cashes only to springe water over them again?

  34. Sun Shine says


  35. Amber Cremeans says

    Severe lactose intolerant so maybe with a recipe like that I can enjoy mac and "cheese" again

  36. Chyann Riley says

    So I decided to try the first one yesterday for my son and it was great!

  37. Chyann Riley says

    I haven't seen one comment where someone say they tried it and how it tasted. I'm just looking for ideas for my 10 yr old son who is lactose 😤

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