4 Cute & Easy Hairstyles! New Pastel Pink Hair!

4 Cute & Easy Hairstyles! New Pastel Pink Hair!

Here’s how to do 4 cute & easy hairstyles that are quick, simple & easy! Featuring my new pastel pink hair!

4 Cute & Easy Hairstyles! New Pastel Pink Hair! #Cute #Easy #Hairstyles #New #Pastel #Pink #Hair
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  1. Mridupawan Borpatra gohain says

    When I was going to switch the video….I was thinking that it (she ) was a doll ! 🤭

  2. Bella's World says

    She kinda looks like meg Donnelly

  3. Olivia Mallinder says

    Where have these hairstyles been all my life

    No Where has this video been all my life

  4. Ilse Martinez Gavaldon says

    omg i love this tutorial thank you so muchhh

  5. Savannah Geering says

    My mom did the 2nd hairstyle and when I saw it,and it turned out so good.

  6. Ashley Hill says

    please dive me some i love purple and this is my first vid with u and it just started a
    i already know i like it

  7. Joana Vlogs says

    Color hair😍
    I wish i have it😭
    New subriber here


    I really want to dye my hair but I have an allergic reaction to it since i feel itchy everyday…
    never tried it tho but asked my friends about it..

  9. duh_itz_ carla says

    I gave this video a like

  10. duh_itz_ carla says

    I always wanted pink hair scence 5 years old

  11. kryptonite clouds says

    The happiness is when you have blonde hair and it shows

  12. jasmine kaur says

    I really wanna try one does it come out tho

  13. Nxxve e says

    I love your ombré it's beautiful! Would you ever go back to bleached hair though? Xxxx

  14. Minzi World says


  15. Dari Todorova says

    I use the same hair dye!😮😄☺😊 Good choice 😍

  16. Maggie Drag says

    I feel like I’m the only person in the world who can’t do any dutch or fish braids cause I always get confused and it annoys me so I give up 😭 but it looks gorgeous, I love the first hairstyle but will never repeat 😭

  17. Kawaii Slimes says

    Your so beautiful ❤️

  18. Alexandra’s Beauty Corner says


  19. Molicake0111 !!!1!!1 says

    That’s the color of my hair and that’s the sam brand

  20. Maura Behling says


  21. lrhclifford says

    I tried that color too, bought four packages so I can do all today.

  22. Zaara And Mia says

    Girl u rock the pink hair!

  23. dona karmakar says

    Last one was pretty cute😍😘

  24. LTG Clan says

    My hair is brown and thick nothing will work ☹

  25. Sati Imban says

    That is so cute and hair color its so beautiful

  26. luis enrique cabaas guevara says

    nadie me entiende

  27. Meghan Love says

    My ends are like green/teal but I’ll except it 😂♥️

  28. Mlg Princess Peach says

    This NOT ESAY

  29. Denada Gjyzeli says

    What kind of shampoo do you use for your hair? Mine can never hold a bun or anything…😕😑😑 it weights down everytime

  30. Samantha Lundquist says

    Omg I liked it better when it was ombré

  31. Eva Croft says

    Omg i literally went to boots last night and dyed my hair hot pink with the colourista thingy OMG!!!!!!!xxxxxxxx

  32. Stephanie Spinella says

    You have a new subscriber! You’re awesome girl! Love your accent😍

  33. Simply Sisters says

    My favorite hairstyle was the last one because it
    Was pretty simple and still looks cute I will totally try this out
    Thanks for making these tutorials 👌🏻👍🏻

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