4 Different Lip Gradients

4 Different Lip Gradients
Hi guys, I’m back again with a 101 Lip Gradient makeup tutorial.I tried to be as detailed as possible, I hope this will be useful for some of you guys who love …

4 Different Lip Gradients
Source sichenmakeupholic
  1. Diana Rose Domingo says

    You look like IU😊😍

  2. kim Dee Raa says

    Sooyoung snsd what are you doing in here??

  3. 光人明かり says

    This is a better tutorial I saw with the legit thumbnail which ain't clickbait for me at all than the once I saw before.

  4. Obito Uchiha says

    She's so cute. She looks like a video game character :0

  5. Marie Merza says

    So useful. Ish just your lip shape is too perfect while mine loks like two cockroaches lying down.

  6. Sandra Czennie says

    You look like Solar from MAMAMOO

  7. Nom Wua says

    Angel, actually

  8. Sexy mochi says

    You are literally sooooo gorgeous like wth ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Thank god says

    How u like it sweetie

  10. Koh Seow Min says

    They look like the sean shawn shaun and shon of lip makeup to me hahahahaha

  11. oil pastel says

    She is so damn pretty 😍😍

  12. lil meow meow says

    wow she is really pretty

  13. Demonic Diva says


  14. Nachkamol N says

    start 0:54

  15. V Senpai says

    Whenever I do this I always get pink under my lips

  16. heather lakes says

    legit one of the prettiest people I've ever seen…

  17. Mahathi Reddy says

    You’re absolutely beautiful! 💟

  18. likeaflowerinsun says

    You really look like Choi Sooyoung ._.

  19. lemon #1 says

    Wow this is like contouring for lips. 😂 id love to do this but i feel like it takes a whole 10 minutes to do especially with my makeup skillz 😭

  20. Kim Joonie says

    My lips are tiny, whenever I try the gradient lip thing it just goes everywhere easily 🙁

  21. Jung Gukie says

    How does she pull off that short hair lmao if i had that i'd look like a baby man

  22. t e a b u n says

    my lips are too thin

  23. Kalhi Puvitharan says

    U r so pretty what even

  24. Nika Veronika says

    Русские вы тут???

  25. Cielomar yoongi says

    Her lips are very beautiful

  26. Wild Vixen says

    Why is your voice so cute? 😢 Just like your face? You so cute!
    (っ˘ω˘ς )

  27. Bell Roots says

    very beautiful 😊

  28. Sharon Choi says

    Just put lip tint in the center

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