4 Instant Ramen Upgrades

4 Instant Ramen Upgrades
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  1. 6r33zy94 says

    Tasty always doin weird shit

  2. Glaithius says

    You put peanuts in my ramen I’ll RKO you into a table

  3. Ryuji K says

    Bacon on lamen what kind of monsters are you?

  4. yan naunghla says

    Who taught you to cook ramen like that with coconut milk & peanuts?🙄It's not ramen, it's shit

  5. Big Boss says

    Millennial culinary skills

  6. Dante9006 says

    Cilantro has a soapy taste to me.

  7. Mochi Studio says

    I love ramen 🍜

  8. Contained _ says

    This is all gross

  9. ImErokz says

    How to make ramen upgrades.

    1. Get Random Natural Foods

    2. Enjoy

  10. Santruiz says

    Any way I could do this in the microwave, I'm to damn lazy of that

  11. Connor Currie says

    I think I will try the bacon and egg ramen if anyone has some tips I would love hear them

  12. sad very says

    Broke college students at 3 am:

  13. Mxchael says

    i just add a spoon of soy sauce and honey and thats a wrap

  14. Jion says

    *add PEANUT BUTTER *

  15. maya loves joonie says

    i just add extra spices and make some chicken and a boiled egg

  16. yumadapaka says

    add salt?

  17. ZeR0's BuLLeT says


  18. Joel Sletten says

    you can say whatever you want about asians. they make some damn good noodles

  19. oneiione says


  20. Tartar Sauce says

    yeah i just have these ingridients laying around somewhere…

  21. Epitaph says

    P e a n u t s

  22. Metal Apocalypse says

    coconut milk ? what do you think I am royalty I'm eating instant noodles.

  23. juliee kellly says

    pEaNUtS in RAMEN

  24. Kyn_1510 says

    3 slices not 5 lol

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