4 Sweet Potato Breakfasts

4 Sweet Potato Breakfasts
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  1. samoanboxersav1 says

    Who the hell cuts stuff like that

  2. YOLA RESA says

    2:37 you don't say how long to cook the covered eggs for.

  3. Karamjit Galoria says

    Wow really nice recipes thanks

  4. Rosiaaa says

    Am I the only one actually making these?

  5. Louis Rubens says

    Great ideas! Your food prep technique is horrendously inefficient, though…

  6. Stevie Wonder says

    Started watching for the recipe ended up getting a workout in. Weird choice of music but I like it.

  7. Caspar says

    Good idea using the sweet potato like that. I'll try the quiche thing.

  8. Martin Arku says

    White people love cheese.

  9. AceTheMemeLorde says

    Hi, yes, can we leave this trend of combining ingredients and shaping them into weird loafs in 2018 please?

  10. google sucks says

    nice groove

  11. Adriana Cruz says

    I though they were literally sweet recipes

  12. Amelia Fatykhova says

    I tried this and I don't think Ive ever been as frustrated as I was when I fried to cut the sweat potato.

  13. xd says

    Man I'm getting hungry aren't you guys?

  14. Priyanka D V says

    0.07 did anyone cringe to this part of the music my teeth hurt 😂

  15. Jazmine Reyna says

    I'm 152,111th!

  16. More like 4 sweet potato lunches

  17. cleve21ful says

    This one is ridiculous. For a breakfast, no one will have the time to do this. This is more like a party or a gathering type of preparation.

  18. Daniella Aaron says

    This is too complicated for breakfast

  19. Sparkles at the am says


  20. Ambie Sambie says

    I ended up doing the 1st one and it was delicious! I highly recommend making it! 💘

  21. Galaxy Hoodie Guy says

    Definitely would cook these for some kind of brunch or lunch. I just can't make myself cook anything past basic eggs for breakfast (and that's assuming I don't go for some kind of cereal or oats)

  22. Pipps says

    I’m hungry….

  23. Jackson McLean says

    THANK you guys for all that you do!!

  24. Claudia Marto says


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