5 Appetizing Party Snacks • Tasty

5 Appetizing Party Snacks • Tasty
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  1. Migui says

    2:13 I think its the 8th time I see this one in a recopilation of recipes. You just repeat the same videos all the time…

  2. Kojo Tawiah says

    Americans make the weirdest food

  3. Michael William Ybarra says

    Does anyone know what the name of the music is for this video?

  4. Deez Nuts says

    wear gloves to avoid burn

    Every brown person on the planet: is this some sort of peasant joke I am to rich to understand

  5. Dave Ridlespriger 2 says

    At least I knew who she was.

  6. Morning Frost says


    Tasty's boss: LiSten Up peEps! WE RUNNING OUTTA IDEAS FOR AN NEW VIDEO!!
    Worker: Ya, we should try to make a videos using our previous recipes in a new.video.with.a.new.title. 🙂
    Boss: *Makes him Employee of the 2020 year*

  7. Mr.YouKnowGavin Borja says

    Tasty: Uses pizza dough for hotdogs

    Also Tasty: Used Biscuit dough for pizza

  8. F.R.L.S KevinsDaKing says

    Guys, should I make one of the recipes tasty makes? I have watched over 100 of their videos, and I feel like I should do something.

  9. Joe Youssef says

    Hello There

  10. Syahirah Life says

    I just made a YouTube channel, i think you’ll like it

  11. Helena S says

    Tasty has been milking the same cow for sooooooooo long

  12. hexapositive says

    that ground beef looked like a brick of instant noodles

  13. Dopey Aguirre says

    Gloves to avoid burning from jalapeños🤣😂🤣💀

  14. B0ngr1pp3r 77 says

    Keep those meat snacks coming. I'm all about the greasy spicy meat

  15. Bryan Kopkin says

    Yall niggas ever

    reuse content

  16. Ethan Vo says

    3:20 NO.

  17. Julien A says

    That's the right name for this channel…. tasty, you bet.
    But healthy on the other side… if you cook and eat only like in theses videos, you'll weight an extra 100lbs in about 6 month to a year.
    Would be nice to have morr tasty and healthy alternative to the usual cheese, carbs and fried saturated fat.

  18. Michelle Denman says

    “Wear gloves to avoid burning”

    laughs in mexican

  19. tinyseongihwa_ says

    i read the title and immediately thought “me.” WHY AM I LIKE THIS

  20. Alex Fath says

    3:55 what's wrong with you, why do u have to make it fattier, god dammit bro

  21. Chandy 707 says

    Tasty video ending : oh yes
    Parents : what are you watching ?
    Me : it’s a cooking video I swear !!

  22. The Dancing Cow says

    Did anyone else realize that a bit before 3:14 the person held the knife wrong side up?

  23. O.C26BD says

    It's written Brezel and not Pretzel. Greetings from Germany 😉

  24. Cake Junkie says

    Your video is great, I like it 💖💖💖

  25. So Tasty says

    I love it so good and the more

  26. Steve Logan says

    I liked them all, on the cocktail pigs in a blanket, add a slice of water chestnut in the roll up for an interesting texture. Also a tip, an apple corer or oxo brand veggie peeler is great for coring out jalapenos instead of a knife which may punctures the side of the jalapeno .

  27. Haley Faragalli says

    I love appetizers

  28. 정쿡푸드 says

    haha what made me show this video… it is hungry 2 AM… i gonna make it!!!

  29. Coramotion says

    I need a snack, urgently

  30. Faith, Amy and Nightshade says

    Who else got hungry cause I know I did

  31. killerbeast Gaming says

    Could you make a giant ice cream

  32. Phoenix gaming says

    hey tasty try making mandazis its a kenyan dish ugali aswell it goes well with grilled meat u can always see a tutorial on making it

  33. Relative Experiment says


  34. Chaotic Animation ! says

    1:23 congrats you made a sausage roll

  35. Chaotic Animation ! says

    Is reposting a party snack

  36. Lola Loud xdxd says

    Hello, I love your channel that makes many delicious meals. They could also make spicy foods for spicy fans or who likes (Like me) Sorry if I wrote it wrong XD

  37. Best Kitchen Products says

    NIce Snacks

  38. Nancy Rahif says

    We saw that 1000 times before.

  39. M Ad says

    Hi Taste, love this channel. Do you think next year we could get a few more videos that aren’t super sugar and carb heavy, for those of us that can’t eat like that? We like fun food too.

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