5 Bacon Recipes You Can Taste Through The Video • Tasty

5 Bacon Recipes You Can Taste Through The Video • Tasty
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  1. Haley Faragalli says

    So true

  2. Matthew Gleeson says

    Mmmmmm salmonella and E-Coli!!!!

  3. Matthew Gleeson says

    Was this video from the junior varsity team?

  4. Matthew Gleeson says

    Guacamole into RAW CHICKEN?!?!?!,

  5. Alex Vizovi says

    Beacon in everything) don't be surprised when you get up on the scales

  6. Itz_ Damien says

    I can’t taste it.

  7. Sehajpal singh says

    what if someone hasnt ever eaten bacon

  8. A Real Memeist says

    Tasted it before the video started.

  9. Lael Barrett says

    Watching food being made that I can't have is very depressing 😭

  10. Hdhehz says

    You put tasty ads on a tasty video 🤔

  11. zak ortega says

    Bacon increases the chance of colo/rectal cancer. The second highest cancer killer.

  12. Constantin says

    send this video to africa

  13. Sejad Ivackovic says

    Why am I watching this I never tried bacon….

  14. Nguyen Duc Hung says

    X to doubt

  15. Momina Nasim says

    Am I the only one here who does not like bacon?

  16. Wolfy_Anime Girl says

    Mmmm!!! Sounds delicious!!!

  17. xGirlThatPlaysx // Nada says

    i’m muslim so i don’t even know what bacon tastes like🤡🤡


  18. EathDirtTherapy says

    Go watch Josh on the Mythical channel make a 237$ version of The Baconator. That made my mouth water. Mmm 🥓

  19. dizzy says

    Bacon is Haram amk

  20. Zee zee 6 says

    My stomachs growling 😋

  21. Kyle k says

    These people really don't know how to season their chicken

  22. Dxnger says

    ahh, uncooked meat tastes good

  23. s l says

    No wonder Why USA has so much obese people

  24. Marcelo Torino says

    Rachael Ray pozole cuz i cant wait for fam not to comeover for the holiday's

  25. Delicious Food says

    Me: not hungry
    Also me: h u n g r y

  26. Arvin Rimorin says

    Bacon and meat lover here. Thus video makes me salivate. Better make something myself. Tassstttyyy….

  27. Jobara's Kitchen says

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