5 Chicken Dinners For Every Mood • Tasty

5 Chicken Dinners For Every Mood • Tasty
What are you in the mood for? We have a chicken dinner recipe for however you feel! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: https://bzfd.it/shoptastyyoutube Subscribe to …

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  1. Martimus Prime says

    Yay. Something that isn’t another vegan dish!

  2. Sol says

    I blinked and missed 3 ingredients sheesh

  3. Timyron Young says

    Sooooooo…….you just gonna not season the chicken in the last recipe?

  4. Haley Faragalli says

    I have more than five moods

  5. ghlhchen chen says

    oh yes yes yes

  6. Debra Combs says

    Anybody know what I can use instead of the halloumi cheese? I can't find it anywhere here!

  7. flipy FLIPY! says

    I am watching This while waiting for my kfc delivery to arrive

  8. kokita koki says

    1st what's with the ugly song, can't you buy some nice music 2nd what ugly nails

  9. Sophie Raut says

    tf is this music

  10. Joes Mad says


  11. The Learning Cook says

    Has anyone made one of these yet? Is it worth it?

  12. Abdullah Ahmed says

    1:43 Yes indeed putting 4 cups of Broccoli

  13. Trek & Craft, Tech Design says

    for craft ideas watch and support my channel also….

  14. Gunnadab says

    I swear you guys don't cook your chicken enough for me especially with these large pieces of chicken you're choosing

  15. blablabla wkwkkwk says

    I've tried the last one. Kinda dissappointed bcs the inside is not fully cook. Maybe bcs of the microwave condition I guess.


    Make giant snake gummy or cake

  17. Joana Rccrba says

    What appliance they used?

  18. Chris Coombs says

    I need to mail tasty a bottle of Goya lmao

  19. a35362 says

    Wow, that Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Pasta looks wonderful — mmmmm!

  20. Cake Junkie says

    I like decorate cake. Thanks for sharing this video with me 😘 😘 😘

  21. Ocarina of Thyme says

    Pretty sure you didn't need that plastic bag to apply olive oil and pepper to chicken and tomatoes.

  22. Clara Patterson says

    This music gives me anxiety

  23. John Rodriguez says

    This channel should open a restaurant.

  24. C O B R A says

    Why Tasty videos are so fast😇

  25. Joshua Epperson says

    I put a challenge out to the people at "Tasty"!! I challenge them to do a video of a low carb pasta for people who have diabetes! That way they will be able to enjoy mac and cheese and other family pasta dishes with their families. The families doing pasta without them or families doing pasta with them present and tempting them to eat something that can hurt them. Please and thank you!!

  26. Random User says

    I’m just here cuz I’m hungry..

    But it’s 3am and I’ll get yelled at if I eat again..

  27. Wonder Woman says

    Biggest basil leaves I’ve ever seen

  28. OSHI B. ASMR says

    Everything is really delicious 💞💞😍😍💞

  29. iskyy says

    who was in the first 60mins

    👇👇smash the like button

  30. Dazzling In the Kitchen says

    Heyyy Tasty!!! I’m in the mood

    …for some CHICKEN! 😘✨

  31. Linnea xox says

    Winner winner, chicken fucking dinner.

  32. X says

    What if you're vegan..?

  33. night_creeps says

    What if I'm in the mood for spicy chicken

  34. F K says

    Video and captions were too fast. Slow this shit down.

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