5 Edible Kitchen Utensils

5 Edible Kitchen Utensils
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  1. Not so Violet says

    Wtf america where do I buy sugar cookie dough??

  2. Seth Newton says

    This music is terrible DX
    no offense ;P

  3. Y A says


  4. joishi58 YT says

    What’s the bet the cookie spoon is going to break before it even makes half way into the dessert your eating🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

  5. I am a Caterpillar says

    Am I the only person who can count to 5 because there was clearly only 4 things here

  6. Leonardo De Vivo says

    Hey there!What are you eating?
    A CUP

  7. Patchness says

    5 Edible Kitchen Utensils
    Tasty: shows 4

  8. Edd's Addiction says

    Was that pewdiepie i heard ?

  9. Frentic k says

    Just looking at this gives me type 2 diabetes
    Holy shit

  10. Ori• says

    Me: * bangs table *

    Everyone’s cups: * jiggles *

  11. Goose Bumps says

    Who eats straight up sugar.

  12. Shanoon Shukoor says

    Why do you guys like spoon so much?

  13. AlexFromYT says

    Yo wtf is this music my man

  14. Mary Anderson says

    To make the spoons why would you backed the medal spoons

  15. Jack Paris says

    only 4

  16. Kiro- San says

    3:10 why can't you just take salted butter?

  17. Andrew Rosel says

    Name of song???

  18. CJ says

    Can i eat a fork

  19. Natalie i like pizza says

    Kadabra and alakazam would like to know your location

  20. PixieDust says

    I think Anne Reardon from the channel How to Cook that invented the sugar bowl. I don't think they gave her credit.

  21. YTWendyEL says

    I am I just bein' dumb or are they're only four

  22. Vasanth Anthony says

    To make one jelly cup waste 2 plastic cups….way to saving the world tasty!!! What an eco-friendly idea!!

  23. Cady Elizabeth says

    , is nobody going to talk about how she put the room spoon in the stove she was baking?

  24. Clumsy Chloe says

    Did I count wrong? I only counted 4, not 5… 😮

    Edit: Also wouldn’t the balloon pop because the liquids too hot? 😐

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