5 Explosive Ways To Destroy Your Microwave

5 Explosive Ways To Destroy Your Microwave
WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME – Electric and plasma explosions courtesy of the modern microwave. Share on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/179YayQ (u …

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  1. rick devault says

    A few years back I saw a program on tv and they was showing how to use microwaves for lighting. You could make the light 20 or 30 feet and it used a quarter of the energy of incandescents and would never wear out because the gas inside the plastic tube never was used up but never heard anymore about it.

  2. Joseline Adan says


  3. Bird Nation says


  4. Megan DeAngelis says

    just put in spaghetti sauce with no lid and your microwave is done.

  5. Lea K says

    Number 6: just let me do something totally normal with it I can even light soup on fire in a microwave! (I already killed three by just warming up normal food without metal or anything on it so yeah you can call me microwave-assasin)

  6. Gerald The Seal says

    that cd looked like a porat to a differnt eralat when it was cooking

  7. where's my pretzel says

    reKt in peacH all the microwaves.

  8. Aleksandar Vesic says

    lol u forgot one thing: Egg

  9. singentgames sing says

    I want to try the disc one

  10. Erica Ang says

    i did the tin foil one once

  11. nope lol says

    If a robber breaks in, fill your microwave with all that junk, carry your microwave to the room they're in, set it on high. FIRE IN THE HOLE

  12. IGOT7 green ocean says

    hey the bulb filaments looks like rapunzel's hair when it lights up

  13. ThatOneMedicMain says

    The aftermath of that compact disc is a 2D Death Star!

  14. catlover12670 says

    But this is just four! Where's the fifth way?

  15. zach says

    champagne bottle = go try it I dare you.

  16. Zenaida Mart says

    I once put a egg in a cup and it exploded only the bottom of the microwave broke though XP

  17. Jennie Nguyen says

    How someone figured out grapes are explosive.
    I wanna make grape juice!
    It's too hard to squish into juice!
    Let's put it in the microwave to soften it.

  18. 민윤기 says

    Don't you hate it when someone gives you a microwave and have nothing to do with it but to explode it. Well this is the video for you!

  19. Anand says

    how a dead bulb (broken filament ) lights up?

  20. Pearlia Vlogs says

    isnt the light bulb taking all the energy?

  21. Helena says

    Now this will protect me from bad pplz ):3

  22. Amanda Montano says

    im definitely going to microwave a grape now…

  23. Chris Davis says

    Microwaves use MICROWAVES not radiowaves, hence the name

  24. Dilan Gilluly says

    Throw an airbag in there! (don't try it at home.)

  25. Breandan Kong says

    Now i really want to try the cd one…

  26. lil fgt 9000 says

    Keep scrolling down… I'm just looking for smart comments with many likes.

  27. I accidentally put aluminum foil in the microwave once….there were sparks but it didn't explode

  28. DrQuatsch says

    And for the people who just like to cook their food the wrong way: try boiling an egg in the microwave oven.

  29. Lexx Mariee says

    Am I the only one who started cracking up at the grape like "bouncing" around? xD

  30. Cory Jones says

    What was the 5th way this video shown to screw a mic. up?? I counted 4…. 1 Foil 2 CD 3 grapes 4 lightbulb. FUN FACT!! : Low-powered mics. used in the 50's – 70's actually were able to have corners of cooking receptacles lined with foil (Find an old @$$ cookbook made for cooking with a microwave oven, or one that came with the oven itself!) They were too low-powered to create influxes of energy not able to be absorbed by water.

  31. Jaetpack says

    ;5.7;Unix gzktzylz

  32. NotMyName Anymore says

    When i was 6 i did the aluminum foil one at school and when i was like 5 I microwaved some grapes because they were too cold for like 20 min and guess what happened?

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