5 Freezer-Friendly Dinners You Can Prep On Sunday • Tasty

5 Freezer-Friendly Dinners You Can Prep On Sunday • Tasty
5 delicious freezer-friendly dinners you can prep on Sunday and crush ready for the week ahead! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: https://bzfd.it/shoptastyyoutube …

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  1. Aeni Ka Kitchen says


  2. senor senpai says

    these dinners were so frizzer friendly that they took my frizzer on a date

  3. Niklas says

    Honestly? I hope nobody cooks this on a regular basis as it is mostly fat and carbs…

    It might be – tasty – but it is far from a healty diet.

  4. SvenicusGermainus says

    I watch Rie make some amazing things on this channel and it makes me like this channel more every time. Then I see videos like this and I wonder if I'm watching the same channel.

  5. Arth1r _PC says

    Mmm feces

  6. JOSEPH #12 says

    Who watches the videos and dose not make them

  7. Chris Carbajal says

    Do a vegetarian version!!!

  8. Hooyah DeepSea says


  9. Food Vlogger Sourav says

    These Food Really Yummy How many food you are using ?

  10. PsychoElou666 says

    While I enjoy these videos, can we get some freezer friendly meal prep that does not include that much dairy, pasta and greasy stuff?

  11. X says

    They really hate vegetarians, vegans, and just healthy people in general.

  12. Alexis Frensley says

    Why go through all the trouble of a baked potato cheese bake when you can just…make a baked potato?

  13. IEatMacarons ForLunch says

    Tasty, can you do more videos of Alix and Rie? Like maybe they are going to do challenges or stuff.

  14. Mike Lla says

    potatos bacon and cheese is not a meal….

  15. sprinklesNM says

    wow, my first unliked tasty video :/

  16. Hello. I am a Korean chef. It's great to learn a variety of foods from your channel.

  17. ELITE INF1N1TE says

    Make a giant Chalupa

  18. Food Lk says


  19. watch and support my channel

  20. Moist Ravioli says

    Why does everything have to have cheese?

  21. Abel Axen says

    Ok, so WHAT?!!! No more OH-HO YE-HESS guy?!!! Not ok, tasty. This will cost you subs.

  22. jctai100 says

    In case anyone is interested, music is Formentera on Audio Network. Good uptempo beat for a run



  24. Caitchu says

    I always watch these videos but I never have the ingredients… 🥺😅

  25. Lauren Storlie says

    But, why no from-frozen directions if the video title says "freezer friendly"? Wouldn't the ceramic or glass pans break if going from the freezer to a hot oven? I'll admit, casseroles aren't my specialty, but I'd hoped this video could teach me a few tricks as advertised in the title. 🤷‍♀️

  26. S Food says

    Freezer-Friendly Dinners so Yummy <3

  27. Justin Liu says

    I mean today's Thursday but whatever you say, Tasty.

  28. It’s me lorenzo says

    Hey tasty,

    I just want to point out that Walmart is selling out of date cupcake decoration kit . I’m very very sad that they don’t even care about the expiration date.

    Your dear, Fan

  29. Irene says

    Mmmmm 🙂
    Nice n easy, hot n cozy dinners for chilly winter evenings 🙂 .

  30. James Frank says

    tasty i’m begging you, please, for the love of god… post a recipe compilation that doesn’t involve dairy products. i’m so lactose intolerant that even watching these recipes makes my stomach hurt

  31. Ch0pSticks says

    Pretty much all food is freezer friendly lol. I store leftovers and foods for my meal prep in the freezer all the time and they taste fine

  32. Dreams in Lavender Tee says

    Can you do one of these for vegetarian dishes?

  33. eb fnaf 109 says

    Can u do giant tacos?

  34. Mom's Kitchen DZ says

    Easy recipes on my you tube channel, commercial recipes

  35. Sarah Beth San Souci says

    I made the first one for dinner and it was bomb

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