5 Harmless Android Pranks

5 Harmless Android Pranks
It’s their fault for leaving their phone unlocked… Share on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1npnlHZ Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/18yCF0b Share …

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  1. A-T-A-G says

    You do realise everyone has passwords?

  2. swati chaudhary says

    2019 anyone?

  3. Ralf Villorente says

    his smirk looks like the amazon logo smile

  4. Sofia Netertou says

    The unknown language is korean..

  5. ComicDJ says

    Time for an update I think.

  6. Someone Someone says

    Who's watching this in 2019 😂

  7. 0:36
    Me:Sir that’s Samsung
    Him:We needed content

  8. Ayden Y. says

    I love his “Jim” face

  9. Sorry. says

    1:14 what did he say?

  10. Riley Bee says

    Here’s a prank for Android users
    Get by them a iPhone

  11. Leila BadrElDin says

    Android is the worst phone

  12. Shadow Windz says

    There Should Be installing a virus on your freinds phone

  13. Red Justice says

    Damn it Kevin McAllister.

  14. Agent says

    This guy has an extraordinary smile

  15. Jenson Jenson says

    That phone is so old my grandmar asked her great grandmar what it was 😂

  16. Mouse EE says

    He looks like Vladimir Putin

  17. Olivia Poe says

    Android users be like 📞bc their phones aren’t even smart

  18. Sophie Bennett says

    Someone should make a meme out of this guys face

  19. True Aussie says

    This should be called 6 “harmless” pranks that will make u lose all of ur friends including the non-existent ones

  20. Muhammed Ali says

    The face he makes 😏

  21. 킹늅 says

    1:15 its not 'sorry no sorry.'

  22. Jirose foreva says

    Oop didnt expect hangul


  23. Mystery_ Gacha says

    99.99% of people have a password on their phone or something to help protect it…

  24. Ty DesJardine says

    any android user knows your phone cant crack that easy

  25. GachaLuv YT says

    You call that last one "harmless?"

  26. gracearianator slip says


  27. Landon Sayson says

    I would kill the person whoever does this to my android

  28. Edgar Adrian Torres says

    "Harmless pranks"

  29. Paola Torres says

    It's harmless until you delete her important project.

  30. Paola Torres says

    2019? Anyone?

  31. Alexa Lopez says

    1:15 says sorry not sorry

  32. NOLWAZI says

    I wish I could do this as revenge to some jerks from my school… 🙄😏

  33. jimins jams says

    someone needs to make a meme out of this guy’s face

  34. Jimina Tanadi says

    1:01 oH i'M fInE wItH tHaT…. i'M a KoReAn.

  35. koolinadal says

    Can u call on that?

  36. Ra_The_RECKER says

    The last one was just cruel.

  37. Noob 101 says

    Old trick from the book

    Remove the battery, then put the cover back

    Watch them say “OH MY GOD IT HAD 100% A MINUTE AGO”G

  38. Tee Kay says

    Hmmmm.. these pranks are not harmful..
    At all… no..

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