5 Hearty Dinners To Warm The Soul

5 Hearty Dinners To Warm The Soul
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  1. Toby dog says

    Hi (to all my 100% loyal family) (whoever they are)

    Hi, and soooooooo……

    After i get my macbook pro 16.

    I've decided that

    "I'm going to spend a lot of time having free writes having to do in the world of hunter x hunter"
    (aka i guess what most people call "fan fiction")

    Well, because "i guess it could be used as practice for my general writing skills"
    And it's a win-win since i'm ABSOLUTELY passionate about Hunter X Hunter as a whole and so i love writing about it.
    And that's why

    "I'm able to write about hunter x hunter for like extremely long amounts of time, since hunter x hunter is my #1 favorite anime/manga of all time and my passion for it is "effortless".

    And another thing is…………
    No, i don't need to look up stuff like "creative writting 101" or anything like that.
    "if there's anything that i'd learned from a life of being a 4" (684 but my 4 is still just as strong as any 4 dominate, if not stronger)
    It's that my thoughts are unique and they 100% mysteriously intuitive and that's the beauty of it, My ideas come "automatically, and it's not depended on "any guidelines or structures" or anything………
    That's why
    "I write my best when i'm on free write, my natural intuition naturally comes to me"

    Picture it like some like……….

    "writing on a completely blank sheet of white paper"
    (and that's why writing on the macbook pro 16 will be the best since, the white blank sheet of paper is……. well that app is kind of like a blank sheet of white paper i guess.) (i might write it on that app and then post it on youtube comments)

    It's like
    "staring into a blank white paper, is relaxing and it stimulates what i'd like to call "freedom of intuitive thought" (of the 4 ofc)
    And in this stage……..

    "I am infinitely creative, and my unique intuitive thoughts naturally comes to me effortlessly"

    Ok going to work now.

    To (all my 100% loyal family) (whoever they are)

    Thanks for reading!

  2. Amy Auom says

    What kind of cream is it ? Heavy cream ????

  3. Toby dog says

    Hi ( to all my 100% loyal family) (whoever they are)

    Ok well i recorded all my comment historys.( on toby dog)
    (and i know for a fact that they are the original ones, well because of what in my previous few posts, about my 100% loyal family are thinker-geniues and they have me covered)

    But also, what i noticed while reading comments this morning ( literally like less than an hour ago) is that
    I actually regonize the vibes of my own posts, i can tell that those were made by me because (there is a certain distinct vibe to it)
    And that's another reason why i can tell they are the originals ones.

    Oh and yesterday i was just thinking about
    "if i should save up for a gaming setup or for the backpaccking/bushcrafting stuff"
    And i've decided that i want spend it on the backpacking/bushcrafting stuff.
    Because well "they're both fun in their own ways" but i am more excited about backpacking/bushcrafting.
    Well and that's that.

    Oh yeah, and i just remembered
    One thing i planned to post yesterday.

    Was that
    my 100% loyal family might have thought about the question.

    " I've been like this for so long, just what are the possibilities that I can "literally just hit up a girl any time today?"
    and my answer for that is actually
    "Yes i can and Why?
    Well my answer to that is.
    "Because things just happen"

    And "more specifically" what i mean by this is because.

    When you think of
    "every unfortunate thing that's ever happened to me"
    It can all be pretty much summed up as.
    "Slipping through the cracks"
    (although, "technically" that's not the correct series of words/phrase to describe it.
    But i guess if you "picture it literally" you'll understand what i mean.

    What i mean is .

    "Everything happened by a random chance, and say if i didn't drop highschool/ and then ended up going to "branch" campus of college instead of the main campus where everyone "officially experience college and therefore socialized went to parties and stuff"

    Then chances are
    "technically i could have gotten a girl a LONG time ago"

    But that's just the idea.

    The "main" idea is that

    "I simply got dealt the worst set of cards in life"
    (And the ironic part is that
    "Perhaps that was how things were meant for me"
    well, because
    "there is beauty in tragedy"

    And the way of how my all my life (until present time ofc) played out.

    It is beautiful.

    Ok i have to go.

    To (all my 100% loyal family) (whoever they are)

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Tigerz says

    Tasty, you to fire that person picking ground music for you videos!! Ughh just horrible!!

  5. callmeLiyah 21 says

    The chicken Alfredo🤤

  6. bluedolqhins says

    what soul do you speak of?

  7. Benjamin Emelogu says

    Can someone please tell me what this music is?

  8. Clara Hippler says

    How to ruin chicken tenders 101

  9. Sarmila Das says

    They make cooking look so easy

  10. Arianna Santana says

    Dique Healthy. Lol this will mess me up. Ill have all kinds of heart problems and diabetes 😂😝

  11. ʜᴀʜᴀʜᴀʜᴀʜᴀ- ᴡᴀɪᴛ-

    ᴡʜᴀᴛ's ᴀ sᴏᴜʟ?

  12. spongebob: "its good for the soul"squidward:   " I have no soul"

  13. wke ejdj says

    I don't understand why they call those healthy tho

  14. Kamar Ichekhlaf says

    Why do I always watch this when I'm hungry?? because I'm a masochist that's why!! #yuuuuum

  15. happy moments says

    0:53 India flag

  16. I've got my mum sat on you says

    "Classic lasagna" AHAHAH I've never laughed so hard
    That's not even close to a fantasy lasagna

  17. I Me Myself says

    Come on tasty, invite me on your house and serve all those tasty dishes😊😊💐

  18. Comic Cartoons And Movies says

    How about a vegan soul?

  19. Empty Cat bowl says

    What can I use instead of wine?
    The country I am in wine is really hard to find so is there something else I can use?

  20. blashd mnashed says

    Or i can go to kfc

  21. dawg gaming says

    0:46 isn't that lasagna

  22. dawg gaming says

    who else thought the music was gonna be twinkle twinkle little star at the beginning

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