5 Low-Calorie Fruit Snacks • Tasty

5 Low-Calorie Fruit Snacks • Tasty
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  1. Nisa Ahmad says

    The background music reminds me of the sims

  2. Elise says

    Lowest calorie fruit snack: Actual fruit

  3. SharkCraft says


  4. Chloe Chung says

    I wanna loose weight
    bless me I’m gonna loose 10 pounds this week

  5. Just Beyti says


  6. Coral Sunsets says

    1:19 does all of the alcohol cook of from the Rosé?

  7. hAvE u sEeN mY wEaVe says

    how are these low calorie??

  8. They called it Oreos this time!

  9. dils corner says


  10. chxs - says

    The music sounds like the sim's background music

  11. Maus says


    -puts in 4 cups of sugar

  12. J L says

    low calorie? are you kidding me? I was expecting something like Asian snacks that can actually be low calorie – going near literally 0 calories (konjac/konnyaku – look it up)

  13. emo snail says

    I always speed up these videos to like 2x cuz they are kinda slow and bruh all I hear is sims music

  14. • g я α ν ι т у • says

    I got a tasty ad while watching this. w o w . m 8

  15. 09yulstube says

    This feels so disingenuous. Caramel apples? Guys, you're just being deceitful.

  16. Shojutsi says

    How make healthy things unhealthy. Just add a bunch of oreos to apple

  17. Piko Jade says

    I think 3-4 cheetos have the same number of calories and are just as filling 😂 anything is low cal when you only take half a bite.

  18. VinDuo says

    This is like calling a banana split healthy

  19. Eva says

    None of these are even healthy

  20. Dope Kicks says

    I’ve kinda given up on tasty producing genuine content at this point

  21. Joel says
  22. Joel says

    1:15 is my favorite

  23. Isabel N says

    The calorie count In all of these are extremely wrong

  24. orlando8715 says

    I dont care if these aren't low calories, imma make em and enjoy em anyways!

  25. K Z says

    How to get diabetes

  26. Elsa Aita says

    Who has the time and resources to bake something that small for 6 hours?

  27. chill flowers says

    You showed us how to make the jelly gummy- oh wait was that just a clipping?

  28. Oblomovbyoblomov says

    The music reminds me The Sims

  29. Krys Telly says

    Its got apple so its gonna be low calorie


  30. Lily Yadlosky says

    this actually makes me so mad. If this is what some people think is 'healthy' then that explains obesity i swear to god.

  31. Lily Yadlosky says

    cant you just… eat a piece of fruit??

  32. serenewa says

    this sounds more like the sims4 soundtrack?

  33. Weight Loss Dietitian says

    yeah! I agree with your facts! I am also doing a health channel and checking out mine is also much appreciated

  34. Amber Sror says

    Tasty has a gift for making healthy things unhealthy..

  35. Deccs says

    Bitch you could've eaten the apple as a low-carb fruit snack

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