5 Mouth-Watering And Juicy Lamb Recipes

5 Mouth-Watering And Juicy Lamb Recipes
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  1. bUbBle gUm says

    why isn’t lamb more popular…?

  2. Azra Ikezoe says

    That meat is still bleeding, a good get could save it.

  3. Charisma Mitchell says

    Wow this whole tutorial was overwhelming to watch. But interesting @ the same time. The last recipe looks like a go to. Lamb is so good

  4. KG The Singer says

    does anyone know which kind of red wine is being used for these recipes.?

  5. 김엘레강스 says
  6. lovely littlegirl says

    What would be a great substitute for the red and white wine?

  7. weckfurt daigre says


  8. Chippi Anirudhan says

    stupid this is not exact lamb biriyani

  9. sadie b says

    saffron REALLY its the most EXPENSIVE SPICE

  10. Priyanka Srinivas says

    I am an Indian Lamb biryani should not be done like that raisins in biryani🙄😛😅 no I am from Hyderabad in India city famous for biryani we don’t put raisins but I want to try

  11. Lover of All Things Good says

    Lamb is my favorite meat .. so good

  12. Ivan Rowe says

    I think that sometimes they over do it witht he spices and the extras

  13. K4 Josiah says

    The lamb biryani was just ridiculous

  14. Janani unic says

    And don't put raisons in savoury dish it's just not work

  15. Janani unic says

    Everything is nice except briyani. Don't say briyani it's a lamb gravy with white rice. And basmati rice is not suitable for briyani.

  16. Satvi Arjuna says

    Thank you so much for putting it

  17. Nee Zee says

    Raisins,almonds in Biryani ?? >.< tasty please don't ruin classic recipes

  18. Christy Tina says

    When I saw the notification: "I haven't had lamb in ages! Wonder why?" After watching time consuming recipes: "Oh yeah, that's why."

  19. horror478 says


  20. samuel jacob says

    Celebrity with the best burgers

  21. Swarnima Nikam says

    Omg!!!!! There was a sticker on the first dish!!!!!!! Are you not looking at it while cooking

  22. Coco Sugar Bar says

    You should never ever cook yoghurt like that its going to get grainie and Sour, you habe to Temper it with warm liquid and Consistantly Stir it.

  23. Brook Zhang says

    Gordon Ramsay INTENSIFIES

  24. Greta mmm boi says

    Lamb & goat r the best meats & I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise

  25. potaeto says




  26. Amie says

    Beware, there are many people finding where the lamb sauce is in this comment section…

    I warned you.

  27. Billy Garfield says

    Not baaaaddddd! 🙂

  28. Drop Cake says

    The music sounds the monopoly game music on Android

  29. A N says

    Great… Now I want some lamb!

  30. Gabby Banter says

    It's not a tag, ink stamp

  31. Bob Joe says

    The tag on the meat tho

  32. TwistyT. says

    There was a sticker on the first dish

  33. Jazmine Reyna says

    I'm 18,915th!

  34. Saddle Tramp says

    Nope. Me no likee lamb.

  35. Fire fly says

    Is there an app where you could eat the food through your screen?

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