5 Mouth-Watering Chicken Bake Recipes • Tasty

5 Mouth-Watering Chicken Bake Recipes • Tasty
Whether you’re looking for a snack or a hearty dinner, these 5 mouth-watering chicken bake recipes will do just the trick! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. Kitchen 9 says

    Really nice 👍

  2. wolf of game says

    الله 🤲 يفرح كل من إدعموا قناتي وأقسم بالله أنني أضع فيديوهات حقيقية وصأضع فيديوهات الألعاب رائعة….إدعموني فقط ولاتنسو الايك يا أحلى متابعين 😘😘😘👋👋👋🤲🤲🤲

  3. S. M Nadeem. says


  4. Kid_Muscle_ says

    Why TF do I watch this while fasting

  5. YouWantMyPancake says

    ok this week is Chicken week in my house and 100% making the 1st one thank you Tasty!

  6. Christy Tina says

    What is the point of the giant chicken roll if you're just going to slice it anyway? It'd be so much easier to make individual chicken breast rolls.

  7. Nasneen Althaf says


  8. Cynthia Jones says

    I bet if we took away parmesan cheese, you wouldn't be able to cook anything. Every single recipe from Tasty is loaded with parmesan. It seems like a sore lack of originality.

  9. Sean randolf raquepo says

    I wonder what happens to the excess eggs lol maybe a giant omelety

  10. JustFreddi says

    The first one wastes so much egg 😔

  11. BAKE IT MY WAY says

    I am a beginner in YouTube so pls do support me ☺☺☺

  12. Naina Das says

    Wowwwww!!!! I am surely gonna cook atleast one of them bcz it's baked!!! 😍😍😍😍

  13. TAMAR!!!!! Av says

    It's not cosher! And I am guish! And a Vegetarian! But it's still nice to watch so I liked

  14. Çiçekli Mutfağım says



    The first one made me want to vomit.

    And this is coming from the guy who has made bacon cupcakes MORE THAN ONCE

  16. namestnikoff says

    Why would you hate chicken so much

  17. Merrill George says

    Ok tasty finally does something good

  18. LeAny says

    JUSt mouthwatering 💖

  19. CHRIZEN says

    Chicken tenders

  20. Emma McGinnis says

    I thought it said no bake chicken ideas lol

  21. Samyuktha Suthish says

    Did anyone notice during 2:46 there was a cute child's hand helping the chef………that was nice….😘😉😊

  22. Hanna L says

    The first one made me vomit 🤮

  23. An Nguyễn says

    Mmmhm why am I watching this in the toilet.

  24. trini says

    It appears grated cheese makes everything better.

  25. 18matts says

    I came here to make sure you he still says "ohh yess!"

  26. rkmugen says

    Tasty, can you please get rid of the white borders and replace them with something else… like even a gaussian-blurred layer of the same video would be fine. Anything… ANYTHING but a screen burn-in inducing white background. Mind you, I've got YouTube in Dark Mode to save my LCD monitor…… and the environment. Now, that that's out of the way, this recipe looks delicious.

  27. YouTuber Unknown says

    All except final

  28. Tarsha Newson says

    Omg All Looks Good😍😍😍

  29. Zareh Hekimyan says

    I wish I could eat them all you guys at tasty are such good coooks😉☺️


    Can you make a giant sundae

  31. baronvg says

    I would’ve just fried those chicken fries lol

  32. Syeda’s Cuisine says


  33. Gia Butterfly says


  34. Emily Martinez says

    T A S T Y 😀

  35. Flawless DIYs with Ash says

    Omg I've got to stop watching these vids on a empty stomach lol

    Btw I have a yt channel

  36. II BAD SPORT IV says


    use that for $7 off your next uber eats order

    jus go to promotions in the app and add promo and enter it

  37. Amudha Rajasekar says

    Why do I torture myself ?

  38. Steve Logan says

    These all looked good to me, some folks are posting to much fat, or heart attack on a plate, well hit my chest with the defibulator again cause i'm gonna eat it.

  39. Abishek Bista says


  40. Sans says

    Does anybody watch theses and never make the foods in videos

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