5 Protein-Packed Salads

5 Protein-Packed Salads
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  1. Shirali Agrawal says

    Tried to make kale salad.came out very tasty.thanks for sharing receipe

  2. Nazanin Mirzayii says

    Well done 👍

  3. alpha fish says

    Chickpea salads are quite popular in countries like Pakistan, they’re snacks which are extremely delicious and healthy with a blend of spices and various types of same dish!

  4. Annie x says

    Can you eat these as a meal?

  5. Carolyn Harvey says

    Those were fantastic! I would have to use something to replace all of that very fattening olive oil, but otherwise great and looks so good.

  6. Rosemary DeMarco says

    You guys are rockin the delicious recipes!! Thanks so much 😋😀😎

  7. Electra Heart says

    Onions in a salad are a major no-no

  8. kingikiller says

    That parsley hack s the dumbest thing ever

  9. thanks for the recipe ideas. i tried one & loved it so much. im not trying to become vegan or anything but i hate meat with salads.

  10. smilez4dayz13 says

    I enjoy these segments with no animal products. I would like to see more creations without oil.

  11. well smart tech says

    lode lag gye salad hai k bc sabjio ki dukan

  12. Comstance Jemkins says

    They ALL look Amazing.. I'd love to try them ALL

  13. Ninja Kitty says

    Protein pack salads

  14. Tvaleriya says

    omg the tempeh salad looks divine

  15. Rick Strahan says

    in the 3 bean salad do you rinse off the canned beans first or just throw them in?

  16. Charlie November CN says

    Thank you for the recipe inspiration. The beginning of the video was way too fast even after rewind/pausing

  17. Salman Khan says

    Sloli yar

  18. Marie Peters says

    Fantastic! Salads look enticing, and I love that you showed us how to make 5 salads in 5 minutes. Thank you very much; I will look forward to more videos ; . )

  19. dylan fernandes says

    In the first salad recipe at 0:28 what are the green leaves used?

  20. Hades Persephone says


  21. Alice Lukose says

    Can you make a recipie for hawaiian chicken pineapple salad…please…!!

  22. Khans Kitchen says

    Very nice

  23. aslı aa says


  24. Joy Herring says

    Thanks need more vegan recipe ideas❤️😍

  25. funny& fails says

    Kia baat hai

  26. Malacki 655 says

    Fucking vegans taking over youtube😤

  27. Hanin Osman says

    I'm not vegan but I'm interested in making some of those salads

  28. Robleazy says

    Can someone please tell me what tempeh is?

  29. Priti Khudkhudia says

    Very nice… thank you

  30. Damini Patel says

    To know about healthy recipes, you can DM us @missbellydietexpert FB Page or download the app https://land.ly/medicalwale

  31. صحارى متفائله says

    Is chickpea cooked??

  32. Kevin Powell says

    Great video! Will have to try making these. They look delicious!

  33. alicia ali says

    Skip all the adding oil step and you will have super healthy salad.

  34. Dol _ says

    I don't have these ingredients.. please make a green-leaf focused salad? With regular ingredients like bell peppers and stuff

  35. Deon go healthy says

    Look Delicious😃#Wow

  36. greenbyu says

    Wow! Thank you!!

  37. Rajesh Soni says


  38. Goldie Sorra says

    TOo fast!!!

  39. Madhu Maniar says

    OMG !! Absolutely superb !! Wish we were neighbours (in India we exchange good dishes with each other) !!

  40. Kayla Wyatt says

    Loved these recipes! Keep up the good vegan / vegetarian/ healthy recipes for us! 🙂

  41. Alina Nicoleta says

    Salads look great. But in most of the videos I've seen, the amount of olive oil used to cook (on fire!) Is too high. It is known that olive oil should be used in the kitchen for cold cooking! otherwise in the presence of heat, it becomes extremely unhealthy! and leaving aside this aspect, too much oil! the salad should be a kind of light, not with 999 kilo of oil! just saying……the same thing I noticed when it comes to cheese, chedar, mozarella. I mean, they're very fat foods. They are tasty and I can not remove them from my own diet, but fat … the bad kind of fat!

  42. Clara Hippler says

    This looks Delicious!!

  43. Amreen Fatema Surani says

    Lovely salads…. I pack this for lunch every night but by next day lunch time the salad gets very watery… 🙁 don’t know what to do

  44. Dennis Ku says

    That's too much beans…yuck

  45. kat says

    The kale and avo salad looks lit!

  46. Just Me says

    Looooove these!!! Can't WAIT to try em' ALL….LOVE U TASTY, Keep em comin'!!!! ♡

  47. Legacy of Pretty says

    I only come to tasty videos to watch people complain about salt content and it being vegan or non vegan…never fails.

  48. Joy Gaudiano says

    I don't like peas. 🙁

  49. Chanda Harkins says

    I want to make all the salads!! Thanks for sharing!

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