5 Quick Desserts For Last-Minute Parties • Tasty

5 Quick Desserts For Last-Minute Parties • Tasty
Hosting a last-minute party? These 5 quick dessert recipes have got you covered. Subscribe to Tasty: https://bzfd.it/2ri82Z1 About Tasty: The official YouTube …

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  1. Leonardo Bianucci says

    Just buy trhee other desserts or snavks and smash them together….

  2. Kimberly Thomas says

    My homie Albert Einstein came up with that s’mores cone idea😌

  3. Madison Miller says


  4. Seafoam Sapphire says

    1:52 Just leaving a time stamp for myself.

  5. Kamilla Iqbal says

    White chocolate bark with strawberries

  6. Poppy Farrell says

    Who has waffle cones just lying around in there house tho

  7. chaoticly says

    If I could go to the store why would I buy fucking premade dough instead of cupcakes just already there

  8. Comfy Cozy Are We says


  9. Zaid Hassani says

    5 ways to get diabetes

  10. Chop Happy says

    Parties? Desserts? I love all of this! Great video!

  11. Sl3dgeslappsbass says


  12. Wüstenwiesel says

    If I had all those ingredients I would just, eat them all myself like wait bro, I dont have friends, and those ingredients are only at home like 20% of the time so, like ? Who has that stuff ?!

  13. Sergio Guillen says

    I Hate Cheesecakes

  14. Fearless says

    I would say "Last minute of your life if you eat those"

  15. WorldOne 2009 says

    Great desserts 🍮🍦🍩🍪

  16. Tandem Bicycle says

    Aren’t you supposed to squeeze the excess water out of the shredded zucchini???? The video didn’t show that.

  17. Pinhead says

    0:15 why would you call it fun size isnt it more fun to eat when its big?

  18. The Person says

    Tasty: Last-minute party snacks

    Viewers: Yeah. More like a last-minute video you put together using old recipes!

  19. uknowihateyou says

    When you have to make the cookie dough because they don't sell pre-made here…

  20. Osman Aden says

    Bold of you to assume I get invited to parties

  21. Purple Amy says

    Me: Watches video and loves the look of the food.
    Also me: Loves the music.
    What is this tune called?

  22. Ria D'costa says

    Cook time: 5 mins
    prep time: 1 hr

  23. Cameron Ishee says

    Fam if I already have cookie dough ready to go then I’m making COOKIES

  24. Amy Lee says

    Diabetes: I'm on my way!

  25. 09yulstube says

    The cone one was edited like an action movie trailer. I could hear the "featuring" when they were showing the ingredients

  26. Sarah Fathima_2230057 says

    Sneakers in desserts??? Wow Tasty! LOL

  27. Tobiraco says

    There is so much suggar i got diabt just by looking at this

  28. Gabe Pitts says

    I've make Smores cones before tasty was a thing

  29. Afroza khan says

    With the s'mores cone u could just microwave it

  30. Adam Zieliński says

    If you have cookie dough, just make cookies

  31. مطبخ عبير ادم says

    Wonderful 😃😃😃😃😃😃

  32. Greg Hanlon says

    These recipes are for 10-year old taste buds, right? Taste Buds (aka friends who share of love of Tasty recipes)

  33. Kuma Tenshi says

    If 5 minute crafts was a cooking channel

  34. Bee Phenix says

    Who else watched these and DOES make them?

  35. 먹거리Meokgeori says


  36. rabia Shahzad says

    u guys should start some series where u compare different traditional foods from different cultures throughout the world like pakistani vs indian vs Singaporean foods

  37. Nimo Mathu says

    The smores cone loooks 😋😋😋😋😋 soooo goood

  38. Ra E says

    no wonder you guys are fat honestly lol

  39. destructive dan says

    omg i LOVED the pudding cheesecake chocolate cup recipe

  40. Akram Syed says

    Diabetes is calling

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