5 Scalloped Potato Recipes

5 Scalloped Potato Recipes
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  1. Huy Ly says

    This background music sounds very SimCity 4-esque

  2. TXP9 says

    That scalloped potato ribeye is practically a beef Wellington 🤩

  3. RandomTori says

    Don’t play this in .25 speed, it’s scary

  4. Lilli Autrey says

    "Who would you share it with." Me, myself, and I

  5. Regina Sanders says

    I just got done making the scalloped potato roll!! My daughter loves it!!!

  6. Annachiara Bellemo says

    Ma la vera domanda è: ESITE LA PATATA ROSSA?

  7. Nicole Ann Asistio says


  8. Bryin E. Willis says

    > will they stop crying…

  9. k7 says

    In the name spinach
    What type of spinach u r using??

  10. k7 says

    Need to see the baking scenes also
    'How they puff up'

  11. Abi Ponraj says

    Am i the only one who only sees it but never try it…. 😂 😂

  12. Bunny_ Button says

    00:15 playing poker with sliced potatos..

  13. 2214diva says

    Yummy recipes! Btw, the music sounds like a Paul Hardcastle/Jazzmaster's track

  14. beelzabozo says

    Are you supposed to drain the fat from the cooked meat and from the can of tomatoes in the roll? You don't say or show it, but it looks fairly dry by the end of it.

  15. •ShawnTheSushiPusheen • says

    How do teh patutos get scalloped?

  16. Chaotic Neutral says

    Playlist: "Recipes 4 ways"
    1st video: 5 scalloped potato recipes.
    Eh, the more the merrier.

  17. 637 Version purpose says


  18. Kerry Jung says

    the music makes it sound like i'm watching some kind of soft core porno scene from a sensual drama. Headphones.Necessary.When.Watching.In.Public.Transport.

  19. PorChizzle says

    What's the name of this track it's so smooth

  20. baekook says

    i'm hungry

  21. C S says

    i JUST DIED!

  22. Elle says

    yummy! 😋

  23. lamrini younes says

    The second one with too much cream really put me off. It would be nice to include some variations with no cheese/cream /meat.

  24. Harsh Shah says

    @9:59 None

  25. Yoonmin's Child says

    This is cannibalism 🙄😣

  26. Muhammad Azeem says

    😐😐when you don't even have cheese

  27. Neighborhood BBQ says

    Very good Video. 👍👍. Greetings from us

  28. Haley Faragalli says

    The dome looks amazing

  29. Rogelio Aldana says

    Why the fuck they gotta make it so unhealthy

  30. Jon .D says

    1st recipe don't be shy with the cheese or it'll break when rolling. Also go slowly when rolling or it'll fall apart. Ground turkey is an alright substitute for the beef. Cut taters thin and evenly.

  31. William O'Hara says

    This is all a bit wank

  32. says

    My friends will love it ❤️❤️❤️

  33. Royalty B says

    😋 Yummy 😋

  34. bamb113r says

    love the vids, i just wish we could hear the food cooking ya know?? completes the experience.

  35. Dominika Zoé says

    My ass got bigger just watching this video…

  36. fajita says

    So that first one is just a potato burritto

  37. Babs 19 says

    The music though 😂 this is real food porn

  38. Arina says

    this looks good😍😋im hungry again now…

  39. Mr Rytte says

    Yuck! I'll stick with the way I make them. Your's are way to fancy with to much crap.

  40. Kaileen Gibbs says

    Disappointed that the person cooking did not use a guard while slicing on the mandoline. That is simply reckless and irresponsible.

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