5 Sheet Pan Dinners For The Easiest Week Ever • Tasty

5 Sheet Pan Dinners For The Easiest Week Ever • Tasty
Make the week a whole lot easier with these sheet pan dinners! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: https://bzfd.it/shoptastyyoutube Subscribe to Tasty: …

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  1. Raaz says

    this is so white

  2. Gaysians says

    Why am I even watching this I’m 13

  3. Devan Devan says

    Whole vid: dump asparagus and carrots and lemon and meat and thyme on a sheet pan, drop salt and pepper and garlic on top boom MAGIC

  4. Nathan Sampson says

    Please take the silverskin off of your pork tenderloin before seasoning and roasting. That’s straight up rubber bands when it’s cooked.

  5. Handsome White Devil says

    Nice little fisting tune. You know you've found the rhythm when that sweet amber froth starts building around the elbow.

    That right baby, show daddy your insides.

  6. Gregorio Asuncion says

    a link to the song would be greatly appreciated

  7. Péter Arzo says

    What is that spray? The one that was in the very beginning

  8. Haley Faragalli says

    Such a beautiful plate of food

  9. Cake Junkie says

    Amazing cake for Party. 1000 like for you

  10. So Tasty says

    Your music so amazing. It's very fit your videos

  11. Mountaineer16 says

    Who’s eating this food that they make? …do the chefs eat it? Btw looks delicious XD

  12. Marc says

    The music reminds me of Large Professor – IJUSSWANNACHILL

  13. Cyrus Liao says

    Would it kill you to make it “4 sheet pan ideas” and get rid of the one with the cast iron

  14. Nathan Farias says

    Sadly the quality of chicken and vegetables in USA is terrible

  15. Silentabit123 Suhdyhr says

    Can u go live

  16. joy july says

    More like healthy sheet pan dinner ideas and I’m loving except for the second meal apples with onion and meat not interested 🤢

  17. Artemis Ackerman Nightcore says

    The way they season chicken always gets me screaming in my head that

    It's frookin' bland!!!!!

  18. kcototheyoyoyo says

    All of this looks bland except the salmon😑

  19. Dolphinian RN says

    You should make a massive taco.

  20. Sofam1221 says

    I love the music for the video..so relaxing and chill 🙂

  21. Eshita Goel says

    All of these look good but I know they taste hella bland

  22. Haajrah Niaz says


  23. Dino king says

    Can u make an giant wrap

  24. Burgerman256 Subscribe says

    Can you make a giant cup cake like so tasty can see

  25. Kin fung Chan says

    looks dry and bland.

  26. Cristina Jerome says

    Going to try these

  27. idk_LiVvY says

    Ill jus stick to ramen

  28. Art Alcoolique says

    Diggin the music.

  29. Looks delicious

  30. F.MARTIN SYLVESTER Mani says

    Super Dry

  31. Shem Roberts says

    Deyy back again with the salt&pepper

  32. Алёнка DIY says

    That music doe

  33. Ethan Selga says

    1:30. Potatoes?

  34. Sara sara says

    So basically, how to bake stuff with salt and pepper on it

  35. Rishabh Karmakar says

    Why don't you make biryani from Indian culture

  36. Hrvoje Horvat says

    That look great

  37. louza says

    i take chiken and you take brookly


    Those who likes south indian foods please come this way.
    #SpslifE currently our videos are in malayalam language. From nex time will add subtitles too.

  39. Joe Ma says

    Looks good, but taste…


    Hey guys easy and fast dinner ideas, certainly want these young people out there need, I am on a journey to creating great dinner ideas on my channel, hop in and ride along

  41. Leftbit Studioz says

    Life hack, use goggles whenever you cook so onions don't make you cry

  42. hunterk1111 says

    Oh boy… baked chicken breast only needs 12 minutes. Those will be rock hard!

  43. Panda Airsoft says

    those chicken breasts look very dry

  44. katanacheetah says

    Where do you guys get the little bowls that you use for ingredients ………

    Ahhhh that doesn’t seem easy to answer so like the clear bowls that you used in tasty’s making it big for like little stuff like salt

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