5 Snacks For A Crispy Movie Night • Tasty

5 Snacks For A Crispy Movie Night • Tasty
Add a little crunch to your movie night with these 5 crispy movie snacks! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: https://bzfd.it/shoptastyyoutube Subscribe to Tasty: …

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  1. D Bazid says

    Omg these snacks are so good yet so bad

  2. Mgoldenboyz says

    This channel is literally the biggest lie, it never comes out how it looks in their videos.

  3. Derrick Jerome Weaver Jr. says

    Who doesn't love a crispy movie night every now and then

  4. Chelle Leigh says

    What's a crispy movie?

  5. Alc1993 says

    5 time consuming snacks that no one is ever going to make

  6. Shari Moore says

    Yeah but my lazy ass will still make microwave popcorn for movie night

  7. Terry D-Town says

    A bag of chips will do just fine.

  8. Martin Brubaker says

    Detroit style pizza is considered crispy now?? *facepalm

  9. Fnu Jasvinder says

    Question why add egg one a time in churros? number 2 what to do with the cutting of the bread (crust)

  10. Orlando Pearson says

    Your Chanel is as prosed as the cheese you use making pEpPeRoNi DiPeRs “PIZZA”

  11. czechrebel says

    Where’s the fucking guy that says “ooooooh YES!” I hate him but I also need to hear it

  12. Tommy Simmons says

    I made your bbq chicken poppers and they are the bomb 💣 💥

  13. emm a says

    this is too much work. I’m just gonna order taco bell

  14. Z'Nycé London says

    Love them all…..
    Fav…….churro bombs😋😋😋

  15. Asif Ali says

    Please comment if you want Tasty to make a recipe for how to make Salt & Pepper Chinese Chips.If you don't know what it is then search it or eat it from a Chinese shop….. It's so GOOD!
    Please comment so they can get a recipe on it!!!

  16. Mintin 737 says

    Me: Not near any meal time
    My body and brain: me hungry

  17. ACleverCalf says

    this is just 5 min crafts but with food, I LIKE IT

  18. Derrick Jones says

    Very awesome!

  19. Jenay Schofield says

    “Pepperoni dippers”
    do you mean pizza???

  20. Livid says

    The third one is literally telling you how to make a pizza with prerolled dough

  21. Elvira Söderqvist says


  22. Dan Carr says

    Why is it these videos act like no ones ever heard of pizza or ham and cheese toasties

  23. Rohan chavan says

    Where are the poop comments??

  24. Cali Lovett says

    I absolutely want and desire those truffle-churro fritters with the cinnamon sugar, but my arteries got clogged just by watching the recipe.

  25. Andenfighter 007 says

    well now at least i'm prepared for something that is definitely never gonna happen

    #virgingang am i right

  26. Madalin RO says

    Nigga y'all be making night food like some fucking chef is coming over while i throw some popcorn in the microwave and done

  27. Vatsal Shinde says


  28. Sadeem Alotaibi says

    1:44 I know how to make samboosa lol only Arabs and Indians shall understand 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. T GM says

    My movie is not crispy

  30. Daphne Shupe says

    Hey Tasty!👋 Love the recipes BUT I have one request that I'm sure a 🍇BuNcH🍇 of your fans would appreciate! Anytime there's deep fried food recipes..riiight under it⬇️⬇️⬇️ instructions for using an Air Fryer💨🔥 would be AWESOME! Thanks again! Much love friends! 🤩🥰

  31. Elisa Ekaputri says

    Whose kid is that in 5:30 😂

  32. rrrana1998 says

    Do NOT drain oils into your sink unless you want to deal with all aftermath of it clogging up

  33. Beige Osa says

    Grilled cheese ravioli is basically a fucking cheese toastie ffs

  34. Nour Yatim says

    The first one was a little too extra in my opinion

  35. Ollie_james says

    Call it pepperoni dippers all you want, that’s just a fucking pizza

  36. Capt Ocie says

    we all just gonna pretend seeing grubby little child hands preparing food for others isn't gross nasty????

  37. Nerd0! says

    Molten Churro "Poops"

  38. LUXAETERNA6603 says

    They're really out here calling pizza "pepperoni dippers" huh

  39. francisca suharyani says

    Craving in sadnite

  40. LeAny says

    Amazing snacks 😘♥️

  41. Kadi Mchorse says

    Okay Won-Ton Nachos…. genius

  42. Bix says

    I love crispy movies

  43. Elio Sun says

    So whats a crispy movie? Crunch crunch?

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