5 Unique Croissant Recipes • Tasty

5 Unique Croissant Recipes • Tasty
Unique croissant recipes that’ll leave you wanting for more. Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: https://bzfd.it/shoptastyyoutube Subscribe to Tasty: https://bzfd.it/2ri82Z1 …

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  1. Kitchen 9 says

    Oh wow , look yummy 😋

  2. RezRukaR says

    Ah yes, chocolate croissants, not pain au chocolat, chocolate croissants

  3. Ibra Al-Hindi says

    Pain au chocolat ou chocolatine ? Ou même croissant au chocolat ?
    La guerre est lancée même sur Tasty 😂😝

  4. BAKE IT MY WAY says

    I am a beginner in YouTube so pls do support me,☺☺☺

  5. Jax Trần says

    Y’all are fruitcakes… the first one is pain de chocolat, not croissants. Make them triangular. Second one y’all didn’t even make the croissant part… third one too… idk what y’all are on but using bedazzled supermarket croissant mix ain’t making croissants… crescent rolls are just lazy croissants and y’all might as well use puff pastry in your deconstructed hipster croissants… I signed up for 5 croissants yet I only got 1…

  6. The one Mexican says

    8:37 Thats not a rainbow croissant its a Rosca Croissant

  7. Sukriti Kiran says

    Ohh the Quakson Recipes..

  8. LeAny says

    That rainbow Croissant are so beautiful 💖

  9. R-and-B-MusicLover says

    The rainbow ones look gross

  10. Angelica Games says

    For next year ur late

  11. Giselle Carbajal says

    I did a double take on the thumbnail LOL looks like rosca de reyes

  12. Awesome says

    Tasty, great video!😍

  13. 두놈들Two Guys Recipe says

    It would be too good to eat instead of rice.

  14. Dazzling In the Kitchen says

    They’re SO FLUFFYYYY! 🤗✨

  15. graytart says

    Rainbow croissant behind the scenes https://youtu.be/djQHWyMCtP0

  16. Dan says

    Stop i coulda dropped all of em

  17. CarsonH72 says

    That third recipe, the blueberry bake, was from way back before Tasty, when it was still Buzzfeed Food. It’s at least six years old by now…

  18. Jen Klen says

    I’m feelin fancy just by watching this vid bc I never eat croissants!

  19. Albia Briceño says

    Hello, sorry how did you make the dough for the last preparation? (Chocolate cream cheese croissant cake) thanks

  20. Lauren Beaumont says

    They make it look easy to do in the videos but can we all appreciate how much trial and error goes into these!?!

  21. aurelienazote36 says

    I am french and wtf is that ?!?!?!

  22. adam mac says

    Yearrrrs ago, I was an asst. Mgr at a Dunkin, EVERY. DAY. this lady would order in drive thru a warm "crossaawwwwnnnnn". Yes, that loooong. She thought it was hilarious, every. single. time. For at least a year.🙄 😅

  23. Ella White says

    Dear tasty I have a challenge for you can you make Yan Yan fancy

  24. Toni Acevski says



  25. ChocoChip says

    Please sign this petition for Alvin to make a giant chocolate chip cookie. It will force him to do it eventually.

  26. Alchemy - says

    Is it just me or does the crossiant look like a rosca?

    This comment was made by the Mexican Gang

  27. Michael B says

    Pillsbury dough boy where tf you at!

  28. Dio Fiona says

    Stop I could of dropped my croissant 🥐

  29. William Pouliot says

    Not enough layer

  30. AlexisWeirdo says

    Everyone knows, as soon as they saw the title, that Alix’s chocolate croissants would be here

  31. Steve Logan says

    I'm diabetic so off limits to me, probably would not spend this much time making them if i were'nt, but your simplest & best were the blueberry & chocolate cream cheesecake. The other 3 were to labor intensive unless one doesn't have a job or wants to spend their entire weekend making croissants. Your better choice was using the canned croissants or for the others buying fresh ones from the bakery & piping in the filling.

  32. Super watercow says

    I’m sure this tastes amazing, just I’m too lazy to try to make these

  33. Romina21-queen-:3 says

    Creí que los rainbow croissants eran croissants de rosca de reyes ja

  34. Francia Valladares says

    Lo malo que por hay que dejar reposar la masa por un año y después otro año y así nunca podré terminar😒

  35. Jewels Corner says

    The first one woukd take forever like i dont have time for that

  36. Sophie L says

    The first one isn't even a croissant but a pain au chocolat…

  37. Aline Francois says

    The first one is not a croissant though; that's a pain au chocolat!

  38. nagatouchiha says

    Cause a chocolate croissant is so unique

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