6 Art Installations That Bring Out Your Inner Child

6 Art Installations That Bring Out Your Inner Child
The best art is fun art! Song: Piano Beat — Lake Shore Drive http://soundcloud.com/glassicprod/lak… Inspired by this BuzzFeed post …

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  1. Ashley356 says


  2. Brenda Gregg says

    My phone wont let me watch it

  3. CuteKittyGerman says

    the last one is always amazing but if there are younger kids you feel uncomfortable to go there and to blame yourself infront of people you don't know

  4. PrizMM says

    MAN Wait are 12 year olds aloud? IF SO IMA GO AS SOON AS SCHOOL'S OUT!!!

  5. Sum says

    I only see these things on the internet
    Sometimes i wonder if it is real 🙁

  6. Lucia Stiles says

    Me too!!!omg…

  7. Mum2Boys says

    i'm 10 years old so i'm young enough.


  8. Marli W says

    I absolutely LOVED City Museum! Three words: Ten. Story. Slide.

  9. Neph Drummond says

    I went to rainbow city NYC, I bashed my shins on a concrete block.

  10. Chris Wielink says

    *coughs* videogames! 🙂 but i do get what you're saying. Expositions like this are so much more fun to be at than looking at some rigid painting that you might've as well looked up on google!

  11. ZeLrocker says

    City Museum in St. Louis. Look it up

  12. maxington1910 says

    Kid at the end faceplants:) what a lad

  13. bigotitox says

    Oh yeah

  14. mediocricity says

    Omg! Can I go to all of these places? Looks cool!

  15. Niuniu Lai says

    I want to go there even though I'm 11

  16. Sophia Castaneda says

    I want the floating one omg

  17. cshaverj says

    how do i visit all of these places?

  18. monsterjamgirl1999 says

    I would LOVE the floating bubble one!

  19. ohhhhlalaland says

    Songs that have the same melody and pattern

  20. Gatik Ghost says

    Buzzfeed should do a segment on life with Celiacs disease/gluten intolerence.

  21. Jackie Ctl says

    You can always rent one of these!!! xD

  22. xrainbowmintx says

    where is the intersection of art and science? I need to go there!

  23. CitizenKang says

    I went to the “Woods of Net Knitted Wonder Space” at the Hakone Open Air Museum in Hakone, Japan. Adults are not allowed on it! So you can’t bring out your inner child. 🙁

  24. Quinton Deppert says


  25. NEKSIS says

    0:40 and 0:51 Look Cool. I would go on those any age.

  26. anditchangedmylife says

    I'd love to do something like this for my art class this Fall. Just the studio is small as shit. 🙁

  27. TheVanec123 says

    If I can visit all those places, I can die happy

  28. biancanera says

    The music was the only good thing about this video.

  29. VanillaNami says

    I puked rainbows.

  30. Denise LaBella says

    Loved this but couldn't find my inner child.

  31. jeanessa loyd says

    I love inflate able bounce houses and slides! And I'm still 11.

  32. jeanessa loyd says

    I love inf

  33. Saul Martinez says

    I have no inner child ._.

  34. Nathan Burgess says

    anything in night of the rabbit

  35. Vince Allen Meneses says

    a scary horror room in a haunted house will bring out the most of my inner child.lol.

  36. toughsuga2 says

    the hand knitted playground is awesome

  37. LoonaBimberton says

    What? No Luckey Climbers?

  38. basedandrea says

    I love the vids buzzfeed!

  39. Anna Fink says

    Those who have to clean it! 😀

    I like the idea of an obliteration room, too. 🙂

  40. Fatima Valadez says


  41. fuuuuuuuism says

    lol yeah but who doesn't like a fresh clean white room

  42. Mija Star says


  43. MJ says

    That Tarzan knit playground and trampoline got me.

  44. Anton W says

    28th comment

  45. Sophia P says

    Hi!!!!!!! God these comments are so fucking random. I love it.

  46. Louis Campbell says

    one of the best ones yet

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