6 Best Savory Chicken Appetizers • Tasty

6 Best Savory Chicken Appetizers • Tasty
Everyone loves chicken! These tangy and delicious chicken appetizers will go do a treat with all your guests! If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch …

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  1. Norina Donciu says

    at 04:46 what's that? I can't understand…

  2. TABL3SIX says

    Love the theme music. Who is that?

  3. Gonzalo Guerra says

    2:342:35 that looks like a man face but creepy face

  4. spingus says

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  5. Sanjauhn Henry says

    Appetizers: Chill 2 hours and chicken that looks like dinner

  6. Jacqueline Obermeier says

    Can we get a count on how many videos they’ve used the mango chicken?

  7. Peyton M says

    I’ve never been so hungry

  8. Charlotte Gow says

    Why r they re uploading old videos🤣

  9. Chikkin Thuggit says


  10. Mz_Rainbow _Dash says

    Makes me sooo hungry 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  11. Akezhan Tatishev says

    Why I’m a watching this at 2am while I’m super hungry?

  12. Readme Bitch says

    3:48 🌚

  13. Fadeshot says

    VEGETARIANS have left the chat

  14. Prod. By Nikblor says

    Says savory yet everything is in some sort of glaze

  15. diddlydooha says

    the 3rd chicken dish [starting at segment 2:54] was the best, most healthy [sort of] and seemingly tasty.

  16. Eduardo Valdes says

    Please be nice and tell me that you aren't uploading a video of the 6 best "Sweet chicken appetizers"

  17. Liza McClain says

    I’m so happy they really actually seasoned that chicken in the second one Sooo good. Personally I add move but for others that’s how I’d make it

  18. Cheer Lover says

    this looks like 5 minute crafts lol

  19. Beth says

    4:47 what’s in the bowl??

  20. julia dominique says

    its literally 1 am in the morning and im rlly hungry after watching this

  21. Payam Abbasi says

    Why milk????

  22. TEO CHENCHEN says

    I've seen the second one in a lot of other tasty videos…..

  23. Mossy says

    Who else watches these videos when they are hungry and feel satisfied afterwards

  24. john samuel says

    What's the music

  25. Try Andrian says

    Istg I've already seen these all before

  26. Rose Caz says

    Holy cow this is not what appetizers looks for me.
    This could be my Dinner or Lunch meal hahaha

  27. Ana Suarez Reyes says

    No one:
    Tasty: ¡the most flavourful chicken snacks!
    Also tasty: only adds salt and pepper to season

  28. LandenB805 says

    It's 3 o'clock in the morning. I hate myself

  29. -Midñight Wölf- says

    Tell me degrees because I burn or under cook my chicken

  30. -Midñight Wölf- says

    Well you guess im hungry again

  31. Valkyrie Buffy says

    Nigga I love eating this dope ass chicken.

  32. DrSpaghetti Studios says

    Anyone noticed the theme in the bavkground: anotjer bites the dust

  33. Gamernoob 1.0 says

    For some reason I read the first one as chicken filled fried cheese

  34. Patrick Ptomey says

    Elevate the honey glaze by adding ground coriander and fresh chopped rosemary. You will not be disappointed.

  35. Caleb Robinson says

    Anyone who bakes chicken at home should publicly be lynched.

  36. Gabrina J. says

    The music kinda reminds me of "another one bites the dust" by queen

  37. Alishba Qayyum says

    Yeah that's so cool but I am so silly and out of stock to make them bruh !!!!

  38. Trey Graves says

    Damn Tasy how many times are y’all gone have that ranch packet cheez it buttermilk chicken recipe?!?! Its been in at least 5 other videos.

  39. AdventureGami774 says

    I’m having rice but i want this

  40. Naqib.N says

    Puts honey on chicken

  41. dbevans1328😀 says

    I was singing city girls act up while singing this because it bops

  42. sushma p says

    Who puts honey on chicken…??it kills the yummy taste of chicken😖


    Tasty vs soru like for tasty comment for soru channel

  44. Valkro 3 says

    I swear if yall make a sweet chicken appetizers video

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