6 Easy Delicious Cookie Recipes

6 Easy Delicious Cookie Recipes
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  1. Lichoness OFFICIAL says

    Kids with peanut allergies be like 😦😭😭🥵🥵😣😣😣 for the first one

  2. Lina Lim says

    I want the music to be my alarm clock. Good vibes

  3. ROBLOX with Kathryn says

    3:36 😋😋😋😋

  4. Syafiqa Zainudin says

    So when the recipe says flour, what flour does it actually use? Wheat flour? All purpose? Cake flour? Hope someone can help me on this

  5. selene l says

    Tasty: hmm This looks easy….

  6. Rebecca Slack says

    Why did the chocolate chip cookies have to have peanut better 🤣

  7. Jemma Kolvites says

    I love them all😋 but if I were to choose one to make, it would be hard to choose since they all look so delicious 😋 🍪

  8. Jamariah Gray says

    All the stuff looks so good like you agree

  9. The weird potato says

    3:35 can i ditch the sour Cream? (They dont sell it where i live😕)

  10. Katy & the Pugs says

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I subscribe to people
    So should you

  11. youmeandi100 says

    Y'all are sugar fiends

  12. Mohamed Naffiran says

    My definition of ‘easy’ is different to there’s

  13. Abrar Abdalla says

    My fish died in heaven tomorrow

  14. Sailor Sparkle says

    Pause at 4:56. For all my Walmart lovers out there, you know the softest frosted sugar cookies are from Walmart. No contest.

  15. xxZahraaxx says

    you copied eugenie kitchen

  16. Brooke ii says

    Thumbnail: yaassss

  17. Faria Afroz says

    i dnt have butter. can i use oil?

  18. Emily Rose says

    Those Aquarium cookies are cool. 😍

  19. MoreJacqueline! says

    Who else craved cookies after this? 🍪🍪😭😭🥰🥰😜😜

  20. malak abdala says


  21. Sotsu says

    Jolly rancher…cookies? Ew…

  22. Sophie Montoya says

    I am drooling 🤤

  23. J. Garon says

    how annoying is it that they give videos but only sometimes ingredients, even rarer that they give amounts, & absolutely no written recipe? if I want to make any of these I'm going to need a written recipe (or spend a day transcribing it)

  24. Fre Sha Voca Do says

    Not gonna lie, my mouth dropped open a little on that last one. That looks incredible.

  25. Anthony Fernandez says

    I made thisand they said it had to much better thanks a lot

  26. Lili Gyopár says

    I made the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and they turned out very tasty, but dome-shaped instead of cookie shaped. Did I add too much baking soda, or what went wrong? 😭

  27. Ije Njoku says

    I love how they made the exact same video last eat and added one more to the video 😂😂

  28. Sofia Bedolla says

    What do YOU want for Christmas?

  29. Jade says

    Crème Brûlée !!

  30. leah isabelle says

    Will the real person who's actually gonna make any of these please stand up?


  31. Cole Duffy says

    3:35 Softest Sugar Cookies

  32. kamrun nahar says

    what is colorful sprinkle? how can i made or get these?

  33. WithLove, Que says

    Any small youtubers wanna support each other
    I'm here

  34. Sarah Sital says

    Can I help you eat these cookies??😋

  35. Some of those are biscuits

  36. jennpenn5 says

    The aquarium cookies look adorable, but a cookie ring surrounding hard as a rock sour candy? Ew.

  37. Colby K says

    Can you guys please bring rosanna pansino into your kitchen? Please like if you agree

  38. Manjola Ola says

    who is in diet dont watch this plzz 😂😋😋

  39. Brianna Bittel says


  40. Brian Echipare says

    Wtf is this? I want normal cookies

  41. mellenha says

    these flutes tho

  42. Nena - says

    I made the super soft sugar cookies today without sour cream and they turned out ok.

  43. Gus M. says

    Omg yessssssssss the sugar cookies

  44. Luau LL says

    Whyyy the buzzfeed sticker

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