6 Fabulous Cocktails To Serve At Your New Year's Party • Tasty

6 Fabulous Cocktails To Serve At Your New Year's Party • Tasty
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  1. Scheila Elaine Martins says

    Mmm. Yummy.

  2. Maalika Kazia says

    Not naming that drink Boozy Peach 🍑 was a missed opportunity

  3. Jenn Glow says


  4. Vally says

    24 comments only what the heck

  5. KPN Studio says
  6. Myrline Nelson says


  7. Kingston Nguyen says

    The first one looks good

  8. abraham aquino says

    This recipes look like summer drinks, peaches on winter???

  9. laura gremaud says

    Ahhhhh…. the smooth sounds of 80s elevator music.

  10. Deen Hussain says


  11. Bella Dowdle says

    Ok I’m early…

  12. 만나레시피 says

    Nice 👍🏻

  13. Mary Something says

    532 views and it's been 2 hours dang

  14. INCITYBUZZ says

    Very Creative!

  15. •SWEET_ LAVANDER• says

    14 comment

  16. NikzTips says

    I’m definitely going to make this!! David Seymour should do this.

  17. Adera Adera says

    Omg I’m early I’m baking right now

  18. Chef Panda says

    Look's good
    https://youtu.be/R1QgtdQUrPI but i prefer this one

  19. Nahid Ahmed says

    The fact that kids watch this sometimes and they’re like …
    Mummy can i have a cocktail
    15 seconds later…
    They’re both hardcore drinking
    9 minutes later …
    They’re on the floor and the cops are confused

  20. Andzia Zach says

    C'mon Tasty! You can do better than that. It looks like '5min Craft' video. Boring cocktails that have nothing to do with NYE.

  21. Derek Coleman says

    i notice him

  22. Brooke Roberts says


  23. dajah lucas says

    omg i never been first

  24. dajah lucas says


  25. Marcelo Lago says

    Loved it!

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