6 Heavenly Cream Cheese Recipes You Need In Your Life

6 Heavenly Cream Cheese Recipes You Need In Your Life
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  1. Marwa Ben Achour says

    I want the music !!!!

  2. Sophia P.M. says

    what's the name of that background music, though?

  3. Samuel Cuevas says

    I love when you show what happens if your recommended recipe is done in different ways, we can go straight to the desired results without thinking in what ifs. Also, you go straight to the points without extra filling time.

    Thanks a lot for your wonderful work!

  4. IEatMacarons ForLunch says

    Tasty: Heveanly Cream cheese recipes you need for your life
    David Seymour: Hellifying Cream cheese recipes I need to throw in the trash can

  5. Must Stay Anonymous says

    I'm sorry to say that David Seymour can not make these as of now.
    He watched this video, and is currently having constipation.

  6. Illuminati Banana says

    1:25 chill in the fridge or?

  7. Nur Zahirah says

    Did cream cheese and heavy cream is the same?

  8. djseriousbizness says

    This music sounds like it should be in a video game playing while you building an elf guild or something.
    On a side note, I'm going to have to fuck with them cheesecake cookies.

  9. Dolly Sun says

    what is the music???! it's so good!

  10. AB C says

    Please tell me. Which cream cheese to use for cheesecake?

  11. Marissa LeighAnne says

    “You need your life” lol

  12. Ching Ee Ang says

    David Seymour, you have to try this out for us!

  13. Grace Nelson says

    This video is going to be the death of me.

  14. Kaiehu says

    i need the music. Whats the song behind this please?

  15. sidge says

    chocolate doesn’t go well w cream cheese imo

  16. Karis Sung says

    Ya don't want these, you need these

  17. Addie Welch says

    do you ever watch these and just "oooooohh" at all of this stuff?

  18. alexander holladay says

    What music is that?

  19. Hajime Hinata says

    Because Tasty is obsessed with cream cheese

  20. Adventure Is there says

    So far all the comments I see are about David! Y’all are right!

  21. Mr. Z says

    Why are there 2 white bars on either side of my screen?

  22. AceTheMemeLorde says

    David Seymour has left the chat

  23. Shaz Mo says

    Came here just for David Seymour 😋

  24. Daniel Fritsche says

    To those who are looking for the music, it's called Allure by Keith Beauvais (took me hours to find on the AN site..)

  25. Feli_ The_Person says

    The music is intense

  26. Rudaba Nasir says

    Clicked on this video just to see the David Seymour comments and I wasn't disappointed

  27. MistyX Dreamer says

    My mouth is watering 🤤

  28. FrostyRPGT says

    0:01 Heavenly Cream Cheese Recipes yOu NeEd YoUr LiFe

  29. Rosa Souza says


  30. Gwavitie says


  31. Sofia Bedolla says

    I was just doing homework what brought me here?!?!

    Edit: I was just taking a break from catching Pokémon! What brought me here?

  32. Charles Bunny says

    0:00 I agree: I do need my life.

  33. Cara says

    I absolutely love the fact that David Seymour's channel has grown so much that his hatred for cream cheese has invaded the comment section!!!

  34. Lanj Sarino says

    music is 👌👌👌

  35. Lucy Lemon says

    0:00 “Heavenly cream cheese recipes you need your life”

  36. Jazmine Reyna says

    I'm 132,426th!

  37. uh huh says


  38. Adam Bujak says

    I hate tasty just because everything makes my mouth water and I know I can’t make any of their recipes😫🤣☠️

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