6 High-Protein Vegetarian Dinners

6 High-Protein Vegetarian Dinners
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  1. Joeseph Mandalay says

    great video!

  2. Billy Tee says

    Anyone here from game changers? Just me?.. I'll see myself out

  3. Ilkka Saarinen says

    JEez guys these are terrible recipes. like fry things one at a time rather than chucking everyhting in there. you lose so much flavour

  4. musicPMA says

    Came for the recipes. Stayed for the music.

  5. MIS315 says

    Parmesan cheese is not vegetarian

  6. Anahita Shahabi says

    It's so quick

  7. Faith D says

    I wish I didnt hate tofu being a vegetarian lol

  8. lilia na says


  9. Cyrissa Weber says

    Currently eating skittles

  10. Zaki Ahmed says

    You guys never stick to easily available ingredients. There's always few things which are hard to find in regions, let alone supermarkets.

  11. Linda Kooistra says


  12. Chad Wiley says

    Wonderful, I don't have to fast forward through the speech about how vegetables are better than meat. Just recipes 🙂

  13. Mia Avocado says

    My favs:
    2:21 – Protein-Packed Buddha Bowl
    4:26 – Takeout-Style Tofu and Broccoli

  14. Veggie Food says

    You do good veggie food I will try them

  15. vic o says

    these look delicious…

  16. Gayatri Athavale says

    I wish tasty would show calories for each dish.

  17. Kylis Haywood says

    I’m vegetarian and I’m still learning bc I found out a lot of foods I like to eat have beef products in it😐🙈.

  18. Lizzi Knoettgen says

    Must we put bell peppers in everything.

  19. Daniel Braithwaite says

    I may eat meat but boy does that burger look good

  20. zevnik says

    They're going way too fast for me.

  21. Peaceful_Gelfling says

    Looks so yummy 😋

  22. Rashmi Singhai says

    Egg is not veg than why is it added in the recipe? 3:52

  23. Rudyspective 1 says

    Making delicious veggie dishes while listening to this deep house music is awesome!
    Title of song please?

  24. Aimee Jackson says

    Thanks for these tasty-looking and easy-to-follow ideas! I like that they don't use a lot of ingredients and/or expensive ingredients. Excellent vid. Thank you!

  25. Camila Cutie says

    When vegetarian cravings kick in OLIVE GARDEN!!!!

  26. Ryland Edgelord says

    Yes, because these are all affordable meals(!) Would totally try these recipes if they used only cheap ingredients

  27. Somnath Dash says

    you mean to say that add whatever you have in refrigerator.

  28. Christopher Parker says

    Tofu tastes like crap no matter how you dress it up

  29. Rommel Abundo says

    Thank you for the recipe ideas. I’m going to give most of these a try 🙏🏾

  30. Luke Camp says

    Mouthwatering 👌.. I'm cutting down on meat.. This is perfect ! Thanks

  31. Craftytatlady Savage warrior. says

    Great recipe for vegetarian chillpill. Savage warrior Boa staff lady gaga 🙃🦋.

  32. Rocky Jemasa says

    Great meals but it'll take too much time and money. I'll stick to chicken and fish. Thanks.

  33. Emma Moss says

    Where is the darn sauce in that bean burger

  34. Saber says

    as someone who is allergic to meat (lone star tick bite) this is a literal blessing

  35. Miriam says

    Even though the dishes look good the veggies seem to be cooked to death. That depleats the vitamins in them.

  36. Poulter Caleb says

    I see more comments complaining about meat eaters are complaining about veganism and vegetarianism… just an observation.

    bean burgers were delicous though

  37. ren says

    I'm a new vegetarian!! I can't wait to start the tofu stir fry recipe

  38. Giovanna Rocha says

    é mto difícil ser vegetariano e odiar tofu e cogumelo KKKKKK

  39. Oh no, not you again says

    Me: Eats meat and animal products
    Also me: watches that video

  40. Rational Human says

    Is there any substitute to tofu? I HATEEEEE TOFU. Yuck.

  41. Armon Naddaf says

    As a new vegetarian (maybe 3 months now), I still have not really found good sources of daily protein. The Buddha bowl looks really good though! I hope one day I can give it a try.

  42. Tobolito Cogito says

    Those meatballs could have been completely vegan with a “flax egg” substitute

  43. Roberto Velarde says

    I just finishing making the chili. Dang it’s good. Up the fresh cilantro to 2 tbsp, put in whole cans of beans for each one instead and just did 3 tbsp of chili powder. Medium spicy. Sour cream and shredded cheese add a perfect touch

  44. Roberto Velarde says

    Crap I just rubbed my eye making the chili.

  45. Jaee Quiil says

    Mannnn these comments are funnYYY.

    Finna go eat me some chicken…..

  46. Vikas Bn says

    It's too fast

  47. Emily Fitzgerald says

    High in protein but also high in simple carbs

  48. seenu sanka says

    why do u need a food processor for everything? And there is like a million different ingredients in everything

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