6 Mouth Watering Taco Recipes For Your Next Party • Tasty

6 Mouth Watering Taco Recipes For Your Next Party • Tasty
Get ready for a taco party with these amazing recipes. If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: https://amzn.to/2GJ2xvv Subscribe to Tasty: …

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  1. quinoa_giraffe says

    What's this song

  2. Dane H says

    Sounds like music from Legend of Zelda lol

  3. Crystal Brown says

    Maybe it's obvious, but I'm sleep deprived, so humor me. Why are they called Vampire Tacos?

  4. Martha Sandoval says

    What's with the Spanish guitars?

  5. Jorge Flores says

    Just for the record… In mexico we dont call this "tacos" we call this "chingaderas"

  6. ImIk Fun Arts Productions says

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  7. løvely says

    I haven't eaten a taco, not even once and now this is just torture

  8. Alondra Castillo says

    Chocotaco !

  9. Ricardo Chavez says

    All that and still a simple tortilla and some skirt steak taco from any stand in LA will be better

  10. Edgar Ramírez says

    music from spain for a mexican food video.

  11. Mello Llama says

    None of these are real tacos and tacos aren’t only a Tuesday thing. Real tacos are on a soft corn tortilla and not on a tostada and Mexicans know how good real tacos are over trash American Tacos

  12. SoulFood And Renee says

    Faith and foodies. Please watch and subscribe to my YouTube channel! Awesome guests and delicious recipes!!

  13. Defne Kahraman says

    Gosh dangit why am I watching this when I'm hungry!!

  14. Nytrick2k12 says

    Yummy! Does anyone know the name of this music or where to get it?

  15. dal says

    those are the worst tacos i've seen

  16. Mansi Jeewooth says

    Let's taco about these delicious meals

  17. Mary Sakal says

    All I can say is this….OH YEAH!!!!

  18. Criticó Ácido says

    Is that a fucking CHOCOLATE taco?,that just seems nasty..

  19. ToXiC Cutie says

    Make a giant chicken nugget

  20. Sweet Dream Kitchen says

    Hey everyone I just started a baking channel where I show you how to make 5 star desserts. I would really appriciate your support. Thank you!

  21. Funky _Roblox says

    Tasty you need to try to cook a 3 course meal with the hottest flashlight ever…..

  22. Sofie xo says

    And I'm sitting here eating my microwave ramen noodels😂

  23. Arxm says

    Make a giant sub chicken teriyaki

  24. 4717 Conser says


  25. Poonam smart kitchen says

    Very nice 👌
    Thanks for sharing.

  26. Legendary Monkey says

    I have never actually had a taco….I'm sure it tastes good tho?

  27. shosho tv says


  28. David DE LOOSE says

    I should be studying.

  29. ريان خيرالله says

    DO A BIG HOT DOG!!!!

  30. Jimi's kitchen says

    Hammer 🤤👍 sieht einfach und lecker aus.

  31. Shatavi Saiyara says

    Could you please make some harry potter recipes for the fans?!

  32. Rovercz says

    Can you make a gigant maki roll

  33. Nina Covanan says

    Watching this video and thinking to myself Making all these 🌮s tomorrow 👍🏼! Then I realize after 10mins. I'm really not 😞

  34. Kalpana Jaiswal says

    Super delicious

  35. Jason Corzine says

    anyone know the name of the spanish guitar song playing

  36. sri rahayu says

    This song make me feel good❤

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