7 Friendship Goals

7 Friendship Goals
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  1. Andreos Rusch says

    so you mean to say there was a time when your best friend could hang out with ur SO… and they wouldnt cheat!?

  2. Blue Bliss says

    BuzzFeed: What are you're friendship goals?

    Me: Make a friend.


    Me: Cons of being socially awkward.

  3. Radhika G says

    people think me and my male best friend are in a relationship and then tell my boyfriend"oh so u are her boyfriend not him!?"

  4. nerdyemo 405 says

    To have friends.

  5. ViewSonic says

    Aw this is cute

  6. Sweet Lilac24 says

    I have no friends due to my social anxiety but this just melted my heart

  7. lara lara says

    I thought the bff was supposed to hate the bf Coz they both think the other one stole their gf?! quinta and Zack cough cough Quinta and zack

  8. Marnie C Evans says

    I love the music

  9. Astrid Brumbach says

    To me, friendship goals, is looking in the mirror and being a friend with your body. Whoever is scrolling through the comments you are absolutely beautiful.

  10. My Good Christian Household says

    Calling for 48 hours straight, staying up all night together, making them laugh harder than they ever had. Friendship goals right there

  11. Mehreen Raja says

    Can't relate because I have no friends..😢

  12. What Is Sleep? says


  13. Allyson Thomas says

    Im getting my braces off April 25th, like if your happy for me

  14. penguin says

    When you are so close to your best friend everyone either thinks you're dating or you're both gay 😂😂

  15. LunaLunaLuna says

    Than we have a perfect friendship I love you so much Esma ❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️

  16. Britney Peer says

    If your on a sharing food bases you are goals

  17. I missed this 🙁
    I just lost my best friend
    And its all my fault

  18. Kyrielle Robin says

    I just realized how many of these thing me and my bff do 😂

  19. Sophie Merissa says

    Idk why I am watching binge watching these best friends videos, I am so alone..

  20. Vasty Gramajo Morales says

    My friendship goal is to find a friend


  21. Abbie Mile says

    I need a BESTFRIEND that I can talk to all the time and be so close with and FaceTime for hours and get to meet each other who’s watching in 2017

  22. Aria Ingrid Forsman says

    someone who hugs u tight when your crying and cries with you, I am so thankful for her.

  23. èclair says

    The only reason we’re friends are.. we hate other people than ourselves.

  24. Anya Galloway says

    Today my frien just came give me food and go

  25. Ghala says

    I have friends but i dont have a best friend i wish i had one

  26. stan big pink plz says

    i wish i had a friend in real life 🙁

  27. Natasha Urbina says

    me and my bestie polk each other when somthin wrong

  28. Mónica V says

    What is S.O?

  29. SpiderTasks says

    I love it when my best friend and I talk about other people when they're right in front or even behind us

  30. Anise_ says

    I have my two bestfriend I love them so much one is caribbean and she educate me about my culture the other one brings out my crazy side they both help know that I'm pretty they are the reason I go to school most of time lol

  31. xikfox says

    Once of my Friend ship goals is
    On Monday
    Friend:"What day is it?"
    Me:"I don't remember" then remembers
    End up being creepily stared by every single person around us

  32. Syahirah Khoo says

    My friendship goals?
    I don't have one because all of them are FAKE! They left me without any reason. I've always wanted one real bestfriend. Only one is enough. I would be the happiest person if i got that one BESTFRIEND which is not FAKE FRIEND :'(

  33. Astrid Eklöf says

    Watching old school movies, and disney movies every time we hang out and just cry our eyes out or laugh our asses off even though we're 16 years old

  34. Josie Covell says

    when you cut yourself and ur friends like
    "is it bleeding?"
    "let me see it"
    friends looks at it, licks it "you're fine"

  35. namjins potato says

    Me and my bff legit oposites and ppl wonder how we are bffs

  36. CHBThalia says

    If only I had friends….

  37. kewl kid says


  38. LeDia __x3 says

    My 7 friendship goals are

    1. Stealing each other's food
    2. Laughing at immature things xD
    3. Paying food for each other and not give money they owe back to you..
    4.Lie on top of each other while we watch movies
    5.Dance wildly to music .. idek
    6. Fight to the death over small things
    7.Nearly get run over by cars because of laughing too damn hard………..

  39. Sarah Galloway says

    I haven't seen my best friends in months. We live miles away. It's been some of the hardest months of my life, I miss them sm. You are so lucky if you get to see your best friends once a month let alone every day. I'd trade anything to be back home. I'd trade anything to live there again.

  40. 문다혜 says

    If only I had a friend.

  41. Annika McPhail says

    I have a friend like this. I'm pretty sure people think we're gay because we're always like arm in arm 😂

  42. you.maniac_:O says

    My friendship goal is when we look lesbian

  43. zenia / obama says

    When your bff asks you "would you still love me if ___" and you would answer "yes, I would love you no matter what"

  44. Finding out you like the same tv show and fangirling over it.

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