7 SECOND TWERK CHALLENGE! (Kwebbelkop vs. Azzyland )

7 SECOND TWERK CHALLENGE! (Kwebbelkop vs. Azzyland )
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  1. Hannah Peppard says

    Balloon head

  2. Austėja Čeponytė says


  3. STR8PATU says
  4. Meloni Marshall says

    4:40 am

  5. Alexander Morosoff says

    8:31 I cant stop laughing 😂😂

  6. YoungDagger_YT - Fortnite says

    that got me dying bruh

  7. YoungDagger_YT - Fortnite says

    that was um you know pa pa pow oo girl thos body

  8. Ngcali Nkuhlu says

    Qanda be mad at jori for no reson

  9. Ngcali Nkuhlu says

    It is sooooooooooooooo anoing

  10. Dārk Šøūł says

    Your killing me cuz im laughing so much i cant breathe

  11. mamag0309 Playz says

    Don’t make a joke out of other people’s culture. Twerking is not made to be a joke so don’t make it, it’s apart of the black culture and you have to respect that

  12. Isabella bain says

    The way jordi twearked it just was so funny

  13. TCB says

    7:07 oh my gossshhh 🔥

  14. Isabella bain says

    Jordi knows how to tweark.

  15. Shiba Marrero says


  16. oneway piggy says

    7:23 got me dead

  17. Darrell Davis says

    First of all who says p*** in a vid kids could be watching this azzy

  18. blagojka nicevska says

    Jorde that's 8

  19. Kevin Moore says

    10:5010:56 bruh 👍🏼😶 she had me speechless

  20. Cameron Mcfarlane says

    Azzy: 7 sec challenge. Jordi: holds up 8 fingers

  21. tim shears says

    Jimins kookie is wrong

  22. tim shears says

    Kwebbelcop is actually holding up 7 fingers because a thumb isnt a finger

  23. The AToMic Gamer says

    You guys so funny I’m glad I subscribed

  24. Sienna Wilson says

    Hey Azzy can I play Quidich with u all I need is my new broom just let me go get it! * goes to get it…. comes back *
    Right now on the next flight to America!! And just wanna say I LOVE UR MUSIC VID!! Just like I love u ur my inspiration

  25. Akeem P says

    Don't do that

  26. Fun stuff with Althea !!! says

    Can I play quidditch with you guys too all I need is my nimbus 2000

  27. Lorelai Pickett says

    OMG do you watch the flash?it is my all time favorite show!

  28. Elijah Chapman says

    Let’s go we got clickbaited

  29. Jayden Rockey says


  30. guli shirwan says

    Azzy can i have a bite of that cooked banana it looks delicious

  31. Kira Hudson says


  32. King _ytt says

    Are you pregnant

  33. Ariana Rios says

    i wonder what they do when camera is not on……………………YOU ALL ARE PERVS FOR THINKING THAT …………………….. i love both azzt and jordy

  34. Jaila Taylor says

    7:21 had me LITERALLY DIEING😂😂😂😂

  35. Zachary Katt says

    I think she could have eaten the banana faster

  36. Azzy is too innocent for twerking

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