7 Surprising Vodka Hacks

7 Surprising Vodka Hacks
Vodka can be used for a whole lot more than just drinking. Post to Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1nOT464 Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1ilcE7k …

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  1. Stephen Lee says

    There would be some pretty pissed off homeless people if they ever saw these videos

  2. Gymnastics Trey says

    Russians be like:

  3. Ann FOXGOLD says

    Rubbing alcohol works just as well. Lol.

  4. yo guys it’s bella says

    is your boyfriend cheating on you? fix it with vodka!

  5. Emanse Estlavie says

    Okaayy, now i got my excuses why i bring vodka with me everytime. Lmao

  6. Cdu Sles says

    Most useless video I've ever seen;

  7. ariana ghandi says

    Joseph stalin is not happy

  8. AlphaNathan Online says

    Two shots of vodka

  9. Ana Montana says

    Please hack responsibly and don't put %40 alcohol vodka (any vodka) on your face !!!

  10. Kawaii Lover746 says

    oh after these hacks you and you hause will smell like vodka

  11. Mikhail Salnikov-Westlake says

    Literally the only thing Smirnoff is good for lmao

  12. Keisha Sen says

    Now you can say to your friends:

    "Hey guys! I drank my toner yesterday and I got drunk!!

  13. Piano Girl says

    Mommy! Go get the vodka!!

  14. Eli Rondon says

    Plants are way too advanced than us…

  15. linc says

    everyday problems solved….the russian way

  16. Aubry Connor says

    Rubbing alcohol will do all this a lot cheaper than Vodka. You just shouldn't drink it.

  17. mynameis bob says

    If my razor is at a point where it needs to be rinsed in vodka, or it's cheap enough that it needs it, I'm just going to buy a new razor.

  18. Anna Saunders says

    just use rubbing alcohol!!

  19. Anthony Smith says

    Or, instead of doing all that, and wasting your good vodka on things other than drinking, you can just do every one of those things with less expensive hydrogen peroxide with the exception of the last one and the flowers one. I think the peroxide will kill them xD

  20. Sophia Elizabeth says

    wouldn't the vodka on your skin burn?!

  21. Yelyahfan88 x says

    Hack: Save money by not wasting vodka; drink the entire bottle and discover how little you'll care about your hair or skin or your flowers dying. chill vodka and share to make friends.

  22. MiCKi914 says

    Yes, yes, you can do the same things with rubbing alcohol. But have you ever thought about the fact that THAT'S essentially what you're drinking? What you're putting into your body? There's a reason it's all called "alcohol."

  23. Aaron Manansala says


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