7 Tricks To Keep Your Food From Spoiling

7 Tricks To Keep Your Food From Spoiling
7 Great Hacks To Keep Your Food Fresh Longer Here’s a nifty new upload from our friends at Cleverly! Follow them here: https://www.youtube.com/cleverly_diy …

7 Tricks To Keep Your Food From Spoiling. #Tricks #Keep #Food #Spoiling
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  1. hersyl James says

    Hi! From India. Great and useful tips. Ur also very cute😆

  2. Selina Oakley says

    I don't know who ur paying to write positive stuff about your hints n tips but they are actually quite crap. And have been proven to speed up the going off process much much faster. We are all watching the food science now. Not this rubbish.

  3. Orrrrrr, how about you just purchase the food you'll consume for that day and stop being greedy , go back for more when you need it 😃

  4. William Baynes says

    Stupid music!

  5. Kitty S. says

    Never store mushrooms in plastic, put them in paper bags

  6. Terry Tavares says

    Thank you!

  7. Taylor says

    That bread in the cookie jar is gonna go mouldy 😂😱

  8. Code Ms # ابو البراء says


  9. Sylvia Young says

    u r like for the 19 80's

  10. johan jacob keessen says


  11. belizeguy says

    Just came back from the store with a box of Spring Mix Salad Greens, so I will give this a try along with the other cool tricks! Thanks

  12. Proud American says

    Can I skip the celery in the bag of bread for the piece of bread in the cookie jar? 😉

  13. Susi S says

    Brilliant ideas.. TY

  14. Godz Daughterh says

    Gosh I so needed this…TFS…🤗😍🙇‍♀️😘

  15. BL Davis says

    Add an apple to brown sugar to keep it from getting hard. I love your videos and the comments you get. I guess paying attention is a lost art. Keep up the great creativity

  16. sandy Vega says

    Ok very clever but salt in milk is absolutely nasty!! 😝

  17. KM R says

    Thanks for the that tip on the bananas❤Mine always get overly ripe before I can eat them all. I have a freezer full of banana bread because of bananas going bad TOO soon. The rest of the hacks, I'm going nuts over. !!🌷

  18. Casey Mom says

    Very clever and useful tips! Thanks! I especially like the one about putting celery in bread because I have to freeze mine all the time. Toast is fine, but sometimes I want soft bread without firing up the oven to make a fresh loaf. I'm so glad that I follow this channel!!

  19. Carolyn Rice-Davis says

    Thanks for the tips! I've never tried
    the strawberry tip. They do go bad quickly unless l freeze them. Now I can try your suggestion and have fresher berries longer!!!!

  20. Mary Cook says

    Love your ideas !! The one about putting a slice of soft bread in with hard cookies has saved me many times! I seal them together in a large Ziploc bag! Thanks for all your creativity. We appreciate it! 🍞🙀🍪 Greetings from California.

  21. Vickey Blakely says

    Thank you sir! This appreciated. Can you tell me how to persevere my lettuce.

  22. Nilmini Anthony says

    Very useful video. Thank u

  23. Amanda Keenan says

    So wait…. I’m supposed to just add salt to soured milk and it’s good?

  24. Aquilla Brits says

    Banana trick does not work.

  25. liesbeth Beekmans says

    Very smart and good tricks thanks for sharing great video 💎

  26. #Makkah Random videos says

    Awesome 👏🏻 😊

  27. Mary Murphy says

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing

  28. Angel Bulldog says

    After I've washed a fresh head of lettuce, I wrap it in paper towels and put it in a plastic bag. It's crisper after a week than it is when I first bring it home. I do the same thing with cucumbers, bell peppers, cabbage….
    Thanks for the idea about keeping the bread fresh with a rib of celery. I live alone and sometimes I can't eat all the bread before it goes bad. Good stuff!

  29. carol hankins says

    I'm curious how a stalk of celery helps keep bread🍞 fresh longer. I throw a lot of bread to the birds🐦. Good tip to know. Thanks for sharing

  30. s says

    Store an apple with your potatoes to keep potatoes from sprouting. Store apples away from other fruits because apples cause other fruits to ripen quicker.

  31. Alan Jones says

    Clever Tips!!

  32. AM THUC TAI GIA says

    Thank you for sharing these great tips to preserve the raw food, have fun

  33. olenick 7734 says

    Clever, Good Tips..

  34. drw isis says


  35. Paul Morgan says

    Nice one, certainly tips I'm going to use.regards Paul from London UK

  36. Jan Smith says


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