8 Amazing Veggie Burgers

8 Amazing Veggie Burgers
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  1. Sameer Bhardwaj says

    No one:

    Tasty Making A VEGGIE BURGER:
    "HoW BoUt We AdD An EgG In ThErE M8

  2. Coronel Nao xD says

    3:15 la segunda porque me faltan ingredientes pero se ve uff

  3. Coronel Nao xD says

    1:17 será la primera que probaré

  4. Chris Danby says

    Or you could just use quorn instead.

  5. Fish-a-Fish says

    Can the portobello burger be done without the Flax seeds?

  6. time is an illusion says

    Plot twist: the steak is a hashbrown

  7. Kevin Muliawan says

    I'm a meat eater and I've tried vegan burgers before. They're delicious, there's something different from how regular burgers taste and it's good.

  8. Kal X says

    Going to fast like wth that alone don’t make me want to watch

  9. Urvashie Sitaldin says

    I can't believe that people still think that eating eggs is part of being vegetarian

  10. Soorya Narayana says

    Egg is vegetarian 😲😲😲😲😲

  11. Arav Gorasia says

    I mean no hate as these burgers look great but I need to clarify

    Vegetarian means no egg either and this is something everyone needs to know as I am a vegetarian and things always have egg in them

  12. Nicole Cotrim says


  13. Brenda Bennett says

    Question ❓Can I Freeze theses first then cook them frozen as I needed them???
    Or Do I have to cook them first &
    “&” can they all be cooked in frying pan or oven is must for the ones you showed?
    Just switching my lifestyle and going off all animals to improve my health
    Thank you for sharing 🔆

  14. Nat Le says

    I just had the Linda McCarty vegetarian mozzarella burger and they were absolutely delish, really couldn’t tell the difference between them and real meat.
    Honestly nicer than the real one at least for me. And I’m a lazy cook so you just pop them in the oven for 20 mins. High in protein as well.

  15. dumb student says

    It's amazing that veg burger tastes much better than a meat burger !

  16. Tthom2 says

    It is soooooo much easier these days to go Vegetarian than it used to be. These recipes look so easy . . creative . . and . . delicious. Can't wait to try a few.

  17. Brikhabhan Tiwari says

    Who loves tasty give a like?

  18. Grace Bible Community Church says

    I just watched "The Game Changers" on Netflix. The evidence is in. Vegans break all world records in every sport consistently. Most interesting movie I've ever seen for Vegans. Highly recommended.

  19. john dala says

    Why would YouTube recommend this vegan crap
    anyhow this meal is so unhealthy once you cook vegetables it looses all it nutrients
    with a beef burger you still get your vitamin B Iron Zinc Magnesium when cooked
    this is why vegan are so lethargic and malnourished

  20. Mike Breler says

    Can I use anything else instead of cornmeal? Is it to keep it together? How about flax seed meal? Thanks

  21. Gaming With BJ says

    Try Indian vadapow only vag

  22. Salman Malek says

    Fuck you vegans and fuck you vegetarian haters I am gonna eat whatever I want I like meat and I like vegetarian food.

  23. Sarika Gharat says

    Do vegetable have egg

  24. Paul Hobble says

    now i don't want veggie burgers anymore

  25. APEX彡KILLÈR says

    title: " 8 Amazing Veggie Burgers "

    02:51 (Adds Egg to the Patty
    Le Indians: ***T R I G G E R E D**

  26. Chandrakala NP says

    Finally……. Something for vegetarians!!
    I request u to open a new channel for veg food🙏😊

  27. shreyas m says

    Can someone help me with the name of the audio track !!!

  28. Nimeesha Sharma says

    Nice I'm veg

  29. Bindhu VK Pillai says

    Finally…. VEGETARIAN!!
    Thanks a lot Tasty!

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