8 Crazy Facts You Won't Learn In History Class

8 Crazy Facts You Won't Learn In History Class
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  1. Burned And Frozen says

    No, but we haven’t even started covering the world wars or the revolutionary war so slow down, buckaroo…

  2. I learned the dancing one

  3. Giorgia Di Buduo says

    Being Italian, learning the fact that a porn star from Hungary was elected in the Italian parliament, made me surprised and confused.

  4. Gerbil vids says


  5. Clarissa Suarez says

    They did teach me these things

  6. Random LPS Studios says

    My history teacher told me about Stubby

  7. _Spam _ says

    I learn more from YouTube then in school

  8. Wen hui says

    Is it me or I thought the thumbnail was Lele Pons…

  9. Lane Bunker says

    I think everyone who lives in California that had a social studies resource book in 3-4th grade knows that map.

  10. Løsér says

    We learned about the molasses 😂😂😂

  11. Anna Lyn Phillips says

    I thought that girl in the thumbnail was Devin from ladylike

  12. Cassidy Peters says

    I thought the thumbnail was Devin

  13. Cringy memey says

    Actually i did learn the molasses one. In science but still

  14. Eve Lawia says

    Did u really had to talk about Louis Armstrong like that he was a good man if u read his biography or autubiogrophy

  15. Kimiya Len says

    Couldn’t read this without stopping the video every time a sentence popped up

  16. Kaitlyn Keegan says

    They wont teach ypu this in your classes

    But look it up Hamilton was wearin his glasses-

  17. Kloey Powell says

    I actually knew about the mollasses

  18. Jiminswrist @ twitter says

    Okay all you people saying it's a shame that a porn star got elected to the Italian parliament need to shut up.
    1)it is not your f*cking business what her job was, if she was good enough to be elected then she deserves to be there.
    2)y'all need to stop judging people just because they're porn stars, it's their body and their life, they can do what they want it
    3)we have way more embarrassing people in our parliament, that that woman.
    Before you say anything, I'm italian.

  19. rei here:3 says

    That's why they danced in Hamilton

  20. Mr.Avacado Man says

    Man hours?

  21. It's snackz19 says

    My teacher told me about the first one…

  22. Kylee Cassidy says

    I’ve heard of stubby when I read a short book about war dogs

  23. Bon Bon says

    I learnt about the first one in school and im in fifth class

  24. Min Eum says

    I actually learned some of this stuff at school…

  25. Maya Csuthy says

    1:23 is that Devin from LadyLike? Or does it just REALLY look like her?

  26. Daphnix Ebony Rin- Lyall says

    Well the one before the last, is NOT history… She is still alive, a famous celeb in hungary appears in reality shows, she's part of the everyday "culture", she is like a kardashian here😂

  27. Quno says

    What about the Bear named Wojtek?

  28. Aliup 98 says

    You guys realize that teachers have to cover a certain amount of material by the end of the year or else students wouldn’t know stuff for state testing (cause they can’t choice not to do it) therefore they can’t cover a lot of small details. If state required test weren’t a thing history classes would be a lot different

  29. Katina Galanis says

    No my history teacher didn't because I live in Canada

  30. Luscious Angel says

    Even though he was peeing in the episode, I get the Louis Armstrong reference in Family Guy now LOL.

  31. woofwoofdogs says

    I learned about stubby

  32. Dolphindess says

    I remember molasses one

  33. Giana Farn says

    I knew the first 4 and the last one

  34. 50 shades of Purple says

    Now they won't teach u this in your classes but look it up Hamilton was wearing his glasses!

  35. fatima says

    Legit thought the thumbnail was Devin

  36. idk says

    I knew that cia cat thing " WHY CIA"

  37. Sydney Palomaki says

    I learned about the dancing one in middle school

  38. its•aryana says

    I learned the molasses but nothing else

  39. cat heart says

    I learn all my history from drunk history.only way to keep my attention

  40. Niphredyl says


  41. Emelie Williams says

    pretty sure I heard about the dancing thing – it was a plague of which one of the symptoms was psychosis? not 100% sure

  42. skye fraiser says

    The only thing I didn't know about was Louis Armstrong crapping and the porn lady making political speeches….the rest I learned 😊

  43. Cassle13 says

    I heard about the molasses all the time when I was younger. I live in MA lol

  44. Linda Flores says

    If i remember correctly Louis Armstrong had some kind of eating disorder. I don't think he liked pooping because of the feeling, but more so because he felt pressured to lose weight. I also remember hearing that louis was bulimic. I could be wrong (I hope I am) but thats what I've read doing research, I'm a big jazz fan!

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