8 Epic Hot Glue Gun Hacks You Must Know

8 Epic Hot Glue Gun Hacks You Must Know
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8 Epic Hot Glue Gun Hacks You Must Know
Source Troom Troom
  1. Troom Troom says

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    More life hacks with hot glue:


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  2. Bobska is epic says

    The should be a counter of how many times she said hot glue

  3. Rachel Smith says

    Hey, that's a great video. I made something similar but with a slight variation, do check this out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-ljhgUDX_0&t=11s

  4. Andrew Hopkins says

    “A StylISh SkiRt” yeah nah bro that ain’t doin anything for ya…

  5. TinyMichaela Toolen says

    I truthfully hate how you tell us what colors do you use and what designs to use I really want to get creative and I do Europe as designs

  6. eurodezallen says


    Troom trum duumasshet

  7. Esujin Lkhagvasuren says

    How did you not need clothes during your trip?

  8. Zeynep says

    Its more like "HOW TO WASTE YOUR HOT GLUE"

  9. angie henshall says

    I would mack nothing because there stupid and that's 1 epick fact you must know

  10. Happy time says

    I love the comb and slippers

  11. Fay Foundling says

    Give it a like if you want to hear the real voice

  12. Shit Nugget says

    I like hot glue hacks!

  13. mia Jendoubi says

    Where did they get the pencil and paper

  14. anabel castillo says

    You said only hot glou

  15. Jason Caddick says

    No I did not like them how is a fan going to help your thirst

  16. Epic Aaron says

    where can you get color glue?

  17. Meredith Creighton says

    At 3:26 wouldn't they melt in the heat

  18. Bianca Van Oudtshoorn says

    Hi troom troom please make a video of room hacks?! I love your vids!😘

  19. Curly Q says

    whenever i see these i wonder what situation they get these from…. when would you ever get a lifetime supply of hot glue???? i get it, getting your bag confused is very common but opening it to a life time supply of hot glue is just absurd. also, if their stuff is gone, how are hey changing clothes???

  20. Anelia Dort says

    Awesome hacks I will definitely try some of them

  21. Karina Schiavone says

    4:38 oof

  22. Karina Schiavone says

    "Hi" please pin me

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