8 Types Of Periods You Have

8 Types Of Periods You Have
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  1. Gentherly Coronado says

    I constantly have the kill me now Period.

  2. Lila Halleran says

    once i was on day 5 and my period stopped for a like a day so i stopped wearing pads then it came back at school and i’m like REE

  3. Saoirse Matthews says

    I have them all.😢😢😂😂😂😂

  4. L U N A says

    i have it super lucky, my period only lasts for 3 days and i get no cramps (i usually say i get cramps though, so i can get out of gym class lmao)

  5. mad sone says

    These are just the different phases of one single single period…

  6. Sophia Johnson says

    When I get up and it flushed down my leg that happened at school every one saw… it was so embarrassing….

  7. Parul Srivastava says

    I started mine today…

  8. Kay Bo says

    Who is on their period?
    👇🏻 I'll start (day 1 😣)

  9. natasha says

    Is it possible to have all 8? Cuz I think that’s what I have…

  10. e l o d i e says

    Aren’t all periods the KMN period?

  11. Lilly Gonzalez says
  12. I think I have spotty period

  13. Peachyシ says

    I’m the chunky 🙂💔

  14. Flora Prettydaisy says

    It’s my first time having a period.

    I literally thought I ended on the third day then on the fourth day BAM you got blood on your panty liner🙄😂

  15. day one is worst?
    DAY 2

  16. Gracie Colby says

    Day 2 is the worst I don’t care what you say. JUST ACCEPT IT!

    Yes I’m on my period and yes it’s day two…

  17. XoK-popLoveroX says

    When I’m on my period I don’t feel my cramps. But if I go in physical education everything just explodes. But when I feel the cramps it’s like if someone stabbed me and twisted the knife in me but I don’t have any reaction like I have no soul.

  18. Mint Galaxy says

    Im the "Kill me now"

  19. DamnDead Memes says

    My first was the kill me now

  20. panda panda says

    This was recommended to me the day I got me period. Illuminati confirmed.

  21. Kara Temple says


    Girls with cramps: AHHHHHHHHHHH

  22. WinterHarp 65 says

    I’m pretty sure I’m on my phantom period I’ve been cramping for days

  23. Naomi the child says

    S U P R I S E B E E C H.

  24. Manju Maurya says

    My first period was of 28 days 😟😟

  25. Arizona Ice0 tii says

    Everyone is here talking about how their period really hurts and they bleed so much, while my period is so silent, like I don't have any cramps and I can change my pad like every 6 hours. Litteraly it's almost not there.

  26. melina ugh says

    Mine is the heavy, long, chunky, leaky period 😭😭

  27. Oceanicsxo YT says

    I’m in the car and it went through my pants and everytime I check to see if it’s getting bigger on my jeans more comes out and I have to wait 3 hours to get new pants and underwear so I’m staying like this for the next 3 hours 😭

  28. Lauren says

    But when u put pressure on your stomach 🚨🧨💦

  29. Iris Dubé says


  30. Cell Tech says

    My period is only 5 days

  31. emily_staltari says

    Kill me now:

    Wow, didn't know there is a serial killer up there. Just machete-ing away.

  32. Morganz every day fun says


  33. latsvit says

    2 periods in a month-

  34. xX_Gatcha_Kate_Xx says

    My period is just: No pain, I get up I go to the toilet, clean it and continue my thing

  35. XBlaiir X says

    Yep i got it like 2 min ago and i got the chunkster, NICE ONE UTERUS!

  36. Maddie xx says

    I’m the spotty type, and the way too short.

  37. Bethany Bouziden says

    I also have the kill me now

  38. Ula N says

    i have the phantom period jeeej

  39. Geneva L says

    I have light periods, they like go over the side of my pad although there's no blood on my underwear or pants ._.

  40. Muzdalifa Oryakhil says

    What if I feel all of it 😐

  41. 『Gacha - Squidy』 says

    I have the last one “kill me now” and I’m on my period whil watching this

  42. Dalia Ruiz-Holt says

    Why is it that I get the kill me now every time….?

  43. Sana Hummul says

    I sit down on my period. Then BOOM. It's satan's sacrificial waterfall in there.

  44. Sabertooth Tiger says

    I'm on the kill me now one! Plz tho 😭

  45. Kimmy Playz says

    I’m on my period and it hurts really really really really bad and it’s a heavy flow and it’s day 3 😭 I have the kill me now period

  46. The Heavenly Floof UwU says

    1:01 damn I remember having this TYPE 0-0

  47. *《little Gacha potato 》* says

    Oh goshhhhh I have the phantom one

  48. * King * says


  49. FlowerPlayz:DD says

    Uterus wants baby
    Uterus doesn't get baby
    Uterus gets revenge

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