8 Urban Dictionary Definitions Every Teen Should Know

8 Urban Dictionary Definitions Every Teen Should Know
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  1. Maya Oliver says

    Last one got me weak😂

  2. Jenny Phan says

    lol, my name is jenny and i have not only a "cray-day" but also a "gay-dar"

  3. Katelyn Carson says


  4. Grace Ross says

    Dang Jenny is messed up

  5. Veronica O'Reilly says

    A sentence I use on friends:
    "Girl, the reason he's not talking to you isn't because of the deepfave, it's because you set off his craydar when you call him senpai "

  6. teags ellie says

    Turn it down for what. dammit buzz feed i just got that song out of my head!

  7. twiing k says

    oh no im only 22 and didn't understand most of this… "(

  8. Adapple says

    Man, putting a verb next to a neurological disorder into an insesitive stereotype is a great idea! Slow claps for you buzzfeed!

  9. CookieDino135 says

    I AM NOT A SIDELINE HATER… but someone should probably tell me off tbh

  10. disneyintrovert says

    Craydar? I think I'll stick to my gaydar, thanks…

  11. Allan Reford says

    I'm on my last 6 months of my teenage years and I don't know some of these…

  12. taylor b morris says

    just…don't actually feel drake…that's a bad idea..

  13. Zoe Kirk says

    As someone who's actually been diagnosed with Asperger's and tends to have the same conversational problems when texting as in real life, I feel like "Textperger's" is fitting, but the definition needs to be refined a bit.

  14. Patricia Lim says

    Deepfave XD

  15. Nawal Amir says

    0:48, for some reason I couldn't stop looking at the girl in orange. Am I the only one? I thought she fit the word "Sideline Hater" more. #Oops   #IDidntLookAtAnyoneElsesFace

  16. Lim Sky says

    I was hoping this had "Superman dat ho" I still dont know what that means….

  17. Captain Obvious says


  18. Eric Taylor says

    0:45 Why would you need to do this discreetly BEFORE going into public? If you're not in public you must be alone in which case discretion is pointless.

  19. Denisse Ibarra says

    I'm 17 and I only knew Feeling Drake and Turn Down For What .. 

    I guess I'm not a legit teen xD

  20. Haley Ann says

    "…into to public." Get your shit together, Buzzfeed.

  21. Alex Bond says

    People at my school say 'cray cray' and 'amazeballs' >_<  god help them in later life

  22. Raquel Covarrubias says

    feeling drake aka draking xD

  23. Chey P says

    eye broccoli when someone is unappealing to look at

  24. Jay Kart says

    Lol okay its called "Draking" not "feeling drake"

  25. Katie Kosky says

    It`s Friday, turn down for what XD

  26. Ellie vassallo says

    Forever a buzzfeed fan.

  27. Hussam Rada says

    I am a dictionary and i find this offensive 

  28. Kessler says

    Teens, you mean retards?

  29. fangorn23 says

    No this is awful. Shortening a 2 syllable word to one syllable just proves you're too stupid to handle the big words.

  30. Funmi Adenugba says

    1:04 CUTICLES!

  31. Emily Valance says

    Well, the more you know

  32. Death Grips says

    I'm studying this

  33. DreamStalker2 says

    I actually find 'textpergers' rather offensive… Urban dictionary or not.

  34. Jennie H says

    yeah…. gotta admit that I'm pree cray cray

  35. Jack Avery says

    textpergers is a pun if aspergers, and many people, like myself, are not laughing at that.

  36. Jamie Thorburn says

    Felling Drake? Okay, you teens need to learn some proper fucking english or i'm gonna implode.

  37. EvieLions says

    why drake?

  38. Yulia Gu says

    WTF what the heck??????? like m gonna walk into school and just say random words no one has ever heard of!!!!!

  39. Decora Thomas says

    My mom uses cradar every time we're Washington D.C

  40. OmuYasha1990 says

    Great parody of Urban Dictonary

  41. Vedi says


  42. kibby x says


  43. Morgan H says

    My friend must have Textpergers xD

  44. Gavin du Plessis says

    bitches be stalking me and setting off my craydar

  45. HeadHunterXxX24 says

    i didnt know any of these

  46. Pan Pan says

    I chuckled at eye broccoli as well

  47. Madi Dahl says

    My name is Madison and I am in student counsel omg

  48. Kaylie says

    Feeling Drake 😂

  49. Madison Johnson says

    Feeling Drake X) Haha! Best 😉

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